Dreams About Childhood Home – Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Have you dreamed of your childhood home? To dream of previous homes, especially childhood home is a common experience. Oftentimes, people have these dreams when facing issues that arose from their childhood.

Childhood is where people develop the foundation of who they are. The traditions, emotional patterns, and beliefs they learn as they grow up influence them negatively or positively in adulthood.

Dreams are always related to our present life in some way or they want to send us a message about something that awaits us in the near future.

To dream of a house you grew up in may indicate a CHANGE, it may mean that you want to revisit a time in your life when things were not so complex. Dreams also occur when we enter a turning point in life. It could be a move, a new relationship, or a new position. What you see in the dream and in the room in the house will also have a meaning which I will convey soon.

In my general interpretation of dreams of a “home,” my definition of a childhood home indicates that you are embarking on a new horizon. That you connect your feelings like a bridge. It is a sign that things can be accomplished in life. This dream might indicate thinking about your own actions in life.

We should all try to achieve what our dream gives us because besides being a lesson for something from the past, it can also be a good step for the present and, of course, for the future.

Dreams can be beautiful and less beautiful, depending on an individual’s perception. We invite you to stay with us and read a few lines about your dream.

What we dream of is largely influenced by our subconscious and all the factors that determine it from thoughts, ideas, memories, etc. Today’s text talks about children’s dreams from childhood – their meaning and symbolism.

Dreams of Childhood Home – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams of a childhood home can arise during a time of great intersection in life and when we are making great decisions. In fact, it is the period of life when the place of residence is changed, or when the change of residence is a problem for some reason.

If a house from your childhood appears as a modest house in your dream, in which intangible values ​​dominate, then you are someone more family-oriented, inclined to build relationships with people who share the values ​​of peace, harmony, and styles.

This childhood home dream indicates the need for people in their daily environment. This includes people you haven’t seen in a long time, but I would like them to be close to you. They might be some people you miss, but for some reason, you can’t be with them.

Dreams About Childhood Home - Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation
Dreams About Childhood Home – Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

On the other hand, seeing the house as a big and spacious villa does not mean that you are not family-oriented, but that you value your values. This dream expresses your desire from childhood for something that you may not yet have in your life.

You want to be superior now and you want to continue. However, by keeping your comfort zone higher, you won’t have the chance to create an environment that gives you room for development. You have to take a step towards your goals, not just think about them.

Nostalgic desire to return to childhood

One of the most common meanings of a dream about a childhood home is our nostalgia for the good old days.

You may be going through some difficult times in your life, and the dream represents your subconscious mind trying to find relief by remembering the carefree life of your childhood.

The desire for comfort and support

Our childhood is the time in our life when we feel pampered and cared for. We feel that we are fully supported by our parents and that someone is taking care of us.

The dream of a childhood home can reveal our desire to feel this again. We may not feel supported in our current circumstances.

Maybe the people closest to us today are disappointing and making us feel unloved.

Experiencing changes in some aspect of your life

In some cases, a dream about our childhood home occurs because we subconsciously compare our reality to our childhood days.

You may be very different from the person you were in your childhood and the dream reflects that.

Perhaps your living conditions have changed from when you were a child and your subconscious is registering this fact.

Unfinished Problems of the Past

We also tend to dream of our childhood home when we have unresolved and unresolved issues from the past, especially at this time in our lives.

We may still have resentments from this time on, usually towards our parents or siblings.

It is possible that they have become a nuisance and our subconscious is sending us a message through this dream that it is time to face resentment and release it.

Plus, it’s a sign that we need to tackle those issues from the past, which are somehow blocking our current progress.

Desire to free the past

While we are not always aware of the issues and resentments that we have had from our childhood, in some cases we are fully aware of their presence and the fact that they are bothering us and hindering our current accomplishments.

Having limiting beliefs from the past that hinder your progress

A dream about our childhood home may indicate that some beliefs you have, which date back to your childhood, are still present and are a limiting factor for your progress and the fulfillment of your desires.

This dream indicates that you need to reexamine those beliefs and get rid of the ones that are not serving you well.

For example, your parents think you are humble and don’t put yourself first.

This belief and attitude can now hinder your progress, especially in your career, where other colleagues are making progress while you wait years without making a career change.

It is time to realize these beliefs and let go of them forever and make room for new ones that will be of great benefit to your future.

Escape from a harsh reality

Often times a dream about our childhood home is a way for our subconscious to take us to a nicer place in time to help us find refuge from the unpleasant circumstances we are currently experiencing.

If your childhood home was a comfortable and safe place and you are not doing well in life, you can be sure that dreaming is a way your subconscious mind uses to protect you, at least at night, from feeling bad. and desperate.

The Symbolism of a Dream About Childhood Home

Visiting her childhood home is the dream of many adults who are away from home and subconsciously wish to return home. However, this dream is actually an announcement of events in your life that may change you for the better.

The house and all its rooms symbolize the people who are there. A powerful message from this dream is the need to get closer to people or to expand the family. Maybe you are planning a family with a partner or you long for a family reunion which is a dream that after a long time you visit the house.

In addition, the visit can be very time-consuming, as it is necessary to see a longtime friend, a childhood friend, or anyone who was important to your childhood.

The need to bring people together is linked to a dream in the dining room of her childhood home, where all family members gather. It also means that you are also invited to a celebration, party, or social gathering. You might be looking for an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

To dream of a childhood home symbolizes the oasis of peace, a place where the family shares its most beautiful moments and creates a connection between its members. It means that the relationships and bonding with your family members can be explained by a dream about the house from your childhood.

A space full of photos and warm colors speaks of a close relationship with family members. If you do not have children yet, dream in this way, recognize the need to flourish in the role of parents.

Also, if you already have children, you should spend more time with them which is another symbolism and message from this dream.

However, we have to mention that a dream about a childhood home can symbolize some problems with your upbringing. You have developed a foundation for childhood life, which can be good or bad for you as an adult.

Also, these dreams can be related to the attitude you have towards life. You are living from a perspective that you learned as a child. Even though you’ve updated it a bit over the past few years, the basics are still the same.

If you saw that you should settle for less, if you lived in poverty – it could mean that you are still holding onto those beliefs, although there is no reason to think that way.

The Most Common dream About Childhood Home

These dreams can also reveal your thoughts about the past, which may contain a different emotion. They can be happy or sad thoughts, thoughts of regret, resentment, etc., depending on the experiences and circumstances you had during your childhood.

We often dream of our childhood home when faced with issues that are somehow related to our childhood beliefs.

We tend to dream of our childhood home when we feel miserable in our current life circumstances and want support in overcoming the negativity we find ourselves in.

We also tend to dream of our childhood home during times when we are going through significant changes in our lives, whether good or bad, and our subconscious tends to compare the present circumstances with those we are experiencing in it. ‘childhood.

There are common childhood domestic dreams and their interpretations, and they are as follows.

Dream about a bigger and better childhood home that it was

Imagine that you had a dream that you went back to your childhood home, which looked perfect and larger than it did when you left it.

Your dream may indicate that the values and beliefs you were raised upon have had a positive influence on your life. That may be why you are the successful or great person you are now.

Dream of feeling trapped at your childhood home

Dreams in which you find yourself trapped at home and are overwhelmed by feelings of shame and guilt may indicate an unpleasant childhood you are ashamed of and wish to shed. If you are having difficulty moving past the experiences of your childhood, you might want to seek help.

Dream about your childhood home floating on water

In this dream, you may be saying that you have grown beyond your childhood experience and that the negative events do not affect you as they did in the past because you now see things from a new perspective.

Dream about your childhood home being destroyed

Dreaming about such a thing might be an indication that you fear your childhood past.

There may be something that is happening right now that threatens to reveal unpleasant memories from your childhood.

The image of your childhood you might project to the world might not be accurate and the truth could threaten to surface.

Even if you can’t change it, just prepare yourself for it and take steps to protect yourself from shame or shame-related emotions.

Dreaming of being ashamed of your childhood home

When you dream that you found yourself in your childhood home and felt ashamed of it, you may just be dealing with unresolved issues from your childhood which brings up feelings of shame and unease once you consider them.

There may be a reason for it, whether it’s something unpleasant that happened to you as a child, or whether the home itself made you ashamed for various reasons. It would be a conscious attempt to somehow resolve these dreams and leave them behind if you are aware that these are the explanations for the dreams.

Dream about having a pleasant time in your childhood home

When you dream of returning to your childhood home, you may be longing for the happy times past although you are currently content with your life.

You could be hosting a holiday celebration at home, enjoying dinner surrounded by laughter, and so on.

Dream about cleaning all the rooms in your childhood home

It could be a sign that you are free from the negative influences of your childhood if you dreamt that you were cleaning every room in your childhood home.

The transition from sleeping to waking life has made all the difference and you are moving forward with your life.

Should I be worried?

Definitely not! Every dream exists to remind us of certain things from the past, but it also refers to something that awaits us in the future – especially the near future. It is perfectly normal to wonder why we dream of one thing and not another, but we do not consciously know it. Therefore, the fear of

We all remember childhood as a carefree time when we form countless thoughts and desires for the future. Today we can look back and see how far we have come. Did you achieve at least some of your childhood goals?

In childhood, we are the least overwhelmed and therefore the most creative, we yearn for the little things and we revel in what many of them do not understand. Childhood dreams are a place where a child in us comes off without any pressure because a part of you may want to let go of its responsibilities.

To dream of childhood home indicates the need for some fun in life, to overcome the different circumstances that led to heavy things that are tiny and part of everyday life. It’s time to step out of the monotony of everyday life, for a little change that will make you smile when you laugh at the memory of a childhood home. So, no, there is nothing to fear while dreaming about your home.

What should I do if I have this dream?

It is mandatory to go back a few years. Go back to childhood, to the different situations you were going through at that time.

You should really remember your childhood scenes because you know it would make you smile. Even if something was a little shameful but funny experience or a minor accident, it can remind you of how carefree and carefree you were – usually for a child.

Dreams of a childhood home really remind you to be happy. Maybe you should change jobs if you are not completely satisfied with your salary and your colleagues.

Many wish certain things that you wished for in your childhood can haunt you even now and come in your dreams.

It may just be a sign that you still have anxiety or fear from your childhood. However, this dream is telling you to try to release those fears and overcome childish concerns.

It also warns you that you need to change the way you look at a particular thing and the actions you take. Childhood dreams can, in fact, be a great indicator of your current self-confidence, and it is quite possible that you are weak now.

For each interpretation of the dream, it is important to remember the most important events. If you had a dream about the attic in your childhood home, then this dream was definitely unpleasant. It is often thought of as a state of mind, the place where you have developed most of your fears.

It represents the urge to grow up and let go of the things that are bothering you at the moment.

Dreaming about a kitchen from your childhood home accentuates you with eating issues. You should pay more attention to what you eat and what your diet is doing right now.

Basically, it indicates the need to eat more fruits and vegetables, as you should be thinking more about a balanced diet than junk food.

You should definitely make an effort to solve some of the problems that you have been having from an early age, no matter what they are related to. If you want to progress and be successful at what you are doing, you will need to erase those bad memories.


To dream of your childhood home is unlike any other home you can dream of, not even the one you currently live in. If anything brings you a message about family values, the meaning of humanity, the emphasis on value styles, harmony, and peace, then it is a childhood home dream.

A lot of good memories flow from it, but maybe also fears. This dream is a great opportunity to solve anything that is bothering you because it will tell you precisely what it is.

It really is the best announcement of positive events in the future, especially since dreaming about a childhood home can be linked to forming a family and becoming a parent.

Therefore, you are about to spend more time with your family which will make you an extremely happy and fulfilled person.

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