Dreams About Elephants – Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Elephants in dreams stand for strength, physical power, mass, and physical energy. Dreaming of an elephant makes the dreamer reflect on these qualities, on how they can be expressed, on how they can be recognized in themselves.

The dreamer is struck by the size of the animal, a mass of moving flesh that turns out to be swift and agile if need be.

Symbolic of strength and inner strength, the elephant in dreams expresses the currentness of a need and the urgency of an unconscious content that has become conscious. Its regal and imposing nature and positive qualities are associated with it, making it a symbol of power and inner strength.

The conflict may be of an emotional or sexual nature (even the elephant becomes aggressive and dangerous if stimulated), the need to assert personal power, which would mean finding a role that is equal to the one of the elephant: equally respected.

Dreams About Elephants – General Meaning and Symbolism

In dreams, elephants symbolize a feeling of inferiority or compensation, along with a desire to gain attention and be noticed by others.

On the other hand, the elephant in dreams can represent a crucial aspect of the dreamer’s character and personality, his determination to proceed and reflect slowly. He must demonstrate patience.

The latter is true if you are a lover of elephants. You may have such fond feelings for the animal that they show up in your dreams, also. But some people wonder if seeing an elephant in their dream indicates something upsetting.

Based on dream interpretations, dreams about elephants can signify a variety of things. Let us examine some possible interpretations.

A real elephant is one of the most powerful animals on the planet. And being so powerful, you can be extremely intelligent. If you are experiencing that kind of circumstance in real life, shouldn’t you be happy that you have achieved something big? Aren’t you going to try your best?

In addition, an elephant appears to have the ability to express its emotions. It is invulnerable to emotions despite its sheer size. Therefore, if you dream of an elephant, it may represent your position as someone powerful and influential, but whose feelings could leave you drained.

In spite of being able and talented, you are constrained for not being able to make your desires happen. Feeling suffocated after being forced to do things against your will could mean that no matter how you want to be free.

When we interpret a dream from another perspective, we may have good reason to believe that we could face great trouble or that we may be in a bind. When faced with a situation like this, our options may be limited.

Dreams About Elephants - Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation
Dreams About Elephants – Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Finally, the legend of the elephant should be considered: it represents the need to remember, but not forget about the past, and to keep a global perspective on one’s situation.

Dreaming of an elephant might represent your inner conflict against a situation you are facing that is enveloping and hard to get out of.

Another interpretation of the figure is how a neighbor treats you as inferior or submissive. Other times, it can reflect your physical form, perhaps you envision yourself more agile and more physically active, while in other cases, it might reflect your self-esteem as if you dreamed of an elephant bigger than usual.

In your dreams, you may dream that you are a baby elephant, it may reflect your desire to become a parent, or you may feel young and inexperienced in a situation, just as a baby elephant is, or maybe you feel helpless and needy.

Elephant symbolism in cultures

Studying the elephant symbol in dreams, it is the idea of a huge body that immediately comes to mind connected to the notion of something “big” that is looming in the dreamer’s life, something whose apparent power can frighten or reassure.

As well as emphasizing the objective level by connecting to the specific events being experienced (think about how these events are considered to be “big” by the dreamer) and to the subjective level by embodying the instincts and impulses of the dreamer.

The elephant in dreams and in reality have archetypal aspects linked to its role in mythology, besides to the images in ancient oriental tales. An elephant is a symbol of endurance, intelligence, endurance and longevity, patience, which are linked with luck, knowledge, and goodwill.

In Hindu mythology, Ganesh with a white elephant’s head represents the power of a higher force and the use of reason to achieve a specific goal. He is the symbol of knowledge of divinity achieved with the help of the use of reason.

Elephants are cosmogony animals like the tortoise, their limbs are a symbol of the universe’s center, the proboscis is a (phallic) symbol of fertility and wisdom, and their big ears symbolize intelligence.

The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of An Elephant

The interpretation of a dream about elephants is generally dictated by its details, but they usually represent a meeting with a powerful and prosperous man. By directing his movement, you may be able to take control of the situation. Miller suggests that seeing yourself riding an elephant in a dream indicates that you will be prosperous and dignified; you will be able to come in a strong position both in business and at home.

When you dream of riding an elephant, it is a sign of fatigue. It is time for a break. A long elephant ride in a palanquin symbolizes holding an important position.

A spiritually, elephants carry a great deal of energy associated with the first three chakras, which deal with living, identity, empowerment, physical wellbeing, manifesting one’s purpose, being grounded, and being able to accommodate hardship.

Elephant dreams can also give insight into big issues concerning your future, including what you are heading toward. This can be related to the projects you’re working on, your relationships, your ideas you’d like to manifest, and so much more.

There are some common spiritual themes that appear in elephant dreams, along with an explanation about what they mean:

Big Ideas and Inspiration

The elephant can appear in dreams as a spiritual message about your dreams and goals. You may plan on building a business or creating something that is bigger than you.

It may seem as if it is too big a challenge, but the dream will remind you that no goal or idea is out of your reach. It may take patience, hard work, and methodical work; but when you put forth the effort, your goal will be accomplished.

Not only will it succeed, but it will also be strong and stable enough to withstand anything that tries to bring it down.

This is particularly important if you dream about an elephant baby or about a mother elephant. A baby elephant symbolizes the genesis of something that has a massive reward if you keep working towards it. A mother elephant represents the nurturing energy you devote to your goal until it reaches maturity.

Luck and Success

Elephants symbolize luck in many cultures, and their appearance in dreams carries a positive message of good fortune and success in your future.

In this case, the elephant represents the flood of abundance that is pouring into your life, particularly if he was near water or swimming in it. When the elephant is busy having fun in the water, it also represents the abundance of financial blessings, love, joy, and happiness.

Dreaming of saving an elephant suggests that you have a wonderful heart, and are destined to help others. You will enjoy a prosperous life in health, healing, and helping others with your love of nature.

In your dream an elephant may appear if you have been working on a goal and are worried that it will not succeed, telling you that you will succeed and that you will see the fruits of your labors and be rewarded massively.

Feeling Overwhelmed

However, big, powerful animals have the ability to evoke negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. Since elephants are huge creatures, they can evoke stressful feelings such as these as well.

An elephant dream usually represents a big life challenge that you are attempting to run away from. You may constantly put off a task or issue you need to accomplish. You may sense that there is something important you need to accomplish or do, yet you refuse to do it.

Herding elephants can represent huge social pressure as well as the feeling you have about the expectations of those in your family or community. Feeling the weight of social pressure can sometimes make it feel like you’re being stampeded by the burden of life.

Having this dream can make you aware of how much pressure this is actually putting on you, even though you may not be aware of it. Having this dream can help you clarify your intentions for taking a step back from the expectations of others in order to get closer to your authentic self.

Consider turning off social media for a week, or telegram overbearing family members that you need space.

Or perhaps that project that you have been putting off will finally get handled so that you can relax and stop worrying about it.

Big Issues To Face

Sometimes elephant dreams remind you that there is a big issue that needs to be addressed but you are ignoring it. That’s why the saying “addressing the elephant in the room” may apply to the dream.

These problems may feel awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassing at the time, but the longer you keep them in the back of your mind, the worse they seem to get.

The message is to talk about “the elephant in the room” so that you can release the tension it is causing in your life. These may be issues in a relationship, problems at the job, or issues in society that you feel need to be addressed.

Past Experiences or Memories

Elephants have a long-lasting memory, as they remember places and events from their earlier years. They are able to teach the younger elephants based on their experiences, so those elephants will learn to avoid difficulties prior to starting their own families.

In a dream, an elephant may be re-enacting a past event or experience in order to make sure you don’t forget them. It may be a sign that things might happen again in the future or a reminder to learn from mistakes.

You may notice that the elephant appears to show symbols from your past, such as distant relatives, distant places, or events, so it can help you navigate in a difficult time.

The Most Common Dreams About Elephants

Aside from these common situations in elephant dreams, there are some others that occur frequently in dreams. Following are some common elephant dreams as well as their meanings.

Dream of a large and aggressive elephant

In dreams of elephants that are large and aggressive, it can allude to sexual and aggressive urges. A dreamer operates under control in his day time life, and these natural instinctive impulses are sometimes incarnated as the elephant in a dream, an animal that cannot be ignored or forgotten, an animal that cannot be neglected or ignored.

Dreaming of an elephant at home

Seeing an elephant at home could symbolize two things, the first being that you feel closed in in your house, perhaps an unwanted guest, or your partner being too stuffy. On the other hand, the elephant is a symbol of luck and could be a happy surprise in your life.

Dreaming of an elephant in the water

Dreaming of an elephant in water means that it represents your overall attitude towards life, the water represents all aspects of life, so this kind of dream may suggest a feeling of being heavily burdened by someone or something.

Dreaming about few elephants

A dream in which you see a few elephants could be an indication that you’re unable to cope with the demands that you have on your life, and you’re a victim of the circumstances around you.

Dreaming of dead elephants

Dreaming of dead elephants in your dreams can cause a sense of anxiety, anxiety, and fear. A dream of a dead elephant may represent a significant change, perhaps you were getting over a difficult situation. Think about the person in your dream you feel the elephant represents, for example, a close friend, a significant other, or a person who you’re afraid of losing.

Dreaming of a big elephant

The dreaming of a big elephant may draw attention to less domesticated qualities and less common people. It is connected to the instinctive and natural impulses as mentioned above, but with a less violent effect than the previous image.

Dream of a furious elephant that destroys

The dream of a furious elephant, which destroys – symbolizes the disownment under which the dreamer resides, unable to express himself in reality, usually he is connected with instinctive selves linked to aggression, anger and sex.

Dreaming of being chased by an elephant

Being chased by an elephant implies the same meaning as above, but it can also refer to other qualities assumed of elephants: for example patience, self-control, wisdom, self-restraint, knowing when to know when enough is enough.

Dreaming of a dead or dying elephant

When the dreamer sees a dead or dying elephant – lying on the ground, he is experiencing an inner transformation, a surrendering of patience and impulsivity. A dreamer’s life might require us to act faster, to be more agile, or to get rid of the burden of being oppressed by the past. We have moved clear of a moment that called for great mental presence, concentration, commitment.

Dream of a female elephant

The image of a female elephant combines the positive qualities of the animal with the symbolic aspects of it, and as such it is exalted, revealing the rebirth of content-filled lives, the realization of new possibilities, and realizing hopes.

Dream of a baby elephant

The dream of a baby elephant symbolizes the emergence of pride and power in the dreamer, combined with freedom and pleasure. The dreamer is rediscovering in himself the ability to combine seriousness and commitment with lightness and being able to relax.

Dreaming of a dead baby elephant

It is a dramatic image linked to internal personal rules that prevent people from reaching their full potential. Such aspects of control want to maintain a “loud profile” so as not to draw undue attention to themselves.

Dreaming of an elephant that washes something

A dream of an elephant wash something with its proboscis illustrates a more conscious awareness, a different approach to reality, a stronger sense of self, and a lack of fear in expressing one’s emotions.

Dreaming of riding an elephant

It can represent a rebirth or a new stage of existence. Dreaming of riding an elephant can symbolize stating one’s personal power, making it come into being within oneself, and allowing it to manifest.


Dreams of the elephant typically have an ominous connotation. As a symbol of wisdom and good luck, it can also be a common sexual symbol.

The elephant in dreams is a manifestation of the unconscious forces that are constantly at work but are sometimes directed. As it symbolizes strength, energy, and the inexhaustible potential of the unconscious, its regal and imposing nature and the positive qualities associated with it emerge as a symbol of power and inner strength.

They can be sexual conflicts or aggressive impulses (even elephants can become aggressive if disturbed and irritated), they can be a need to establish one’s personal authority by finding a place and a role like the elephants: equally respected.

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