Dreams About Fish – Interpretation and Meaning

A lot of people dream about fish, particularly those who love fishing. Those dreams can have either negative or positive meanings, depending on the details of those dreams. When you have a dream about fish, you should remember all details. They could determine the meaning of the dream and its symbolism.

In the event you have recently dreamt about fish, you should read this article since it will be of great help to you. It will be your chance to understand the deeper meaning and symbolism of your dream about fish and find the right explanation. Please enjoy this page and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with the information.

The exception is if the fish is dead or if it was just dropped from your hand, rod, or net. One old legend says that fish in dreams are a positive symbol.

Dreaming of a fishing fish may indicate a troubled soul or disappointment. Dreaming about a sea fish indicates a favorable outcome. Dreaming of a sea fish foretells a favorable event. A large fish in your dream represents gossip. A small fish indicates damage or the loss of something. If you dream of a fish coming out of your body, you will conceive a girl.

Dreams About Fish General Meaning and Symbolism

You should read this article if you have recently dreamed of fish since it may be helpful to you. Your dream about fish will be understood in its deeper meaning and symbolism when you find the right explanation for it. We hope you will find the information you need and have a wonderful time.

Dreaming of fish is surprisingly common, as I have many dreams about them. Fish are powerful symbols in my dreams that carry a great deal of spiritual significance.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming of fish is aligning your physical self with your spiritual self. In dreams, you’ll also visualize your self-worth, self-esteem, and abundance. What fish can appear to tell you is your deepest beliefs about success, your self-esteem, and what you sense you are deserving.

If you dreamt of a fish while experiencing a particularly traumatic event and were experiencing intense emotions at the time, your fish dream may have meaning that varies depending on context and emotions. The following article will explore the various meanings of a fish dream.

Spiritual Symbolism of Fish In Dreams

Since ancient times the fish has symbolized sustenance and spiritual significance. It represents abundant prosperity, limitless creative potential, and the dangers of desire for being spiritual beings with an earthly nature: we are free to manifest anything we desire, but will we manifest a world in which our spiritual desires are fulfilled or our egoic desires conquered?

Christianity had a popularized symbol demonstrating their beliefs – the Ichthys, which has become a common symbol on bumper stickers depicting a fish made with two intersecting arches.

It symbolizes Jesus’ dual nature, both fully human and fully divine, along with the struggle in humans to comprehend the two aspects of their nature—spirit and body.

Fish have remained a symbol of abundance and manifestation for many centuries and were used as a reminder of the story of divine multiplication when Jesus multiplied an abundance of fish and loaves.

In the Tarot, the fish symbol appears on every cup card in the Royal Arcana. Cups relate to the element of water and are representative of emotions and intuition. A royal arcana card represents our own self-governance, our set of beliefs, what we rely on to make decisions, and who or what that decision is based on.

It also indicates the lessons you’re learning about your emotions, creativity, and unconscious through fish in dreams.

The Most Common Dreams About Fish

Have you ever had a dream so random you wondered “WTF?” as soon as you awoke? It turns out the dream might not be so random after all — dreams about fish for example. Dream experts say that dreams about these creatures can give us an insight into our emotional lives. So what do dreams about fish mean?

It’s important to pay attention to the details when you dream about fish: where they’re at, what they’re doing, and what kind of fish they are can give you clues about your true feelings and emotions. Learn about common dreams associated with fish.

Dreaming of the fish swimming

When you saw the fish swimming in your dream, this implies a good experience in love will come your way very soon.

Your dream shows that you will have a very special relationship with someone important to you. Seeing fish swimming in your dream is a sign of beautiful moments of romance on the way.

In addition, if you dream of fish swimming, it suggests that now is the right time to embark on new projects and make your ideas a reality.

Dreaming of the fish swimming in the clear water

It is generally considered a good sign if the fish swims in clear water in your dream. This dream symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and success in the near future.

Dreaming of catching the fish

If you dreamed of catching fish, it is a great omen. You may have a dream about your finances, and this dream means that you will have a good income in the future. In the future, you will probably find yourself in a much better financial position than you were previously. You can expect a lot of success. If you dream that you catch fish in the future, it could indicate you have lots of creative ideas to explore, all of which will be realized.

Dreaming of catching the fish with your own hands

If you imagined yourself catching fish in your dream, this is not a pleasant dream. In fact, the dream usually means that you will experience emotional disappointments in the future.

Dreaming of catching a very big fish

It is a good omen if you have dreamed of catching a huge fish. This dream suggests you will experience happiness and good luck in the future.

Dreaming of trying to catch the fish, but without success

You are a sign of your future success if you have been trying to catch the fish in your dream, but haven’t succeeded in it. Since you did not take advantage of all the excellent opportunities that arose in front of you, you will regret it, since you didn’t pay enough attention to them.

Dreaming of buying the fish

Dreaming of buying fish symbolizes a negative symbolism. It is likely that you will have health problems in the near future if you experience this type of dream, so you ought to be more responsible for your own health.

Dreaming of cooking the fish

You should take a bad sign if you saw in your dream you were cooking the fish. In fact, this dream indicates that you will have to face some difficulties and stressful situations in the near future. Another possibility is that you may feel disappointed in someone who was very close to you.

The dream could also be interpreted another way. If you see in your dream that you’re cooking fish in your waking life, it could be a sign that you’re ready for an adjustment. The way you think and behave can change with time.

Dreaming of cleaning the fish

Cleaning the fish in your dream is a good sign. Actually, this dream represents joy and fun that you may expect in the future. The people you love will spend their time with you, and you will experience a lot of exciting moments.

Dreaming of bringing home the fish you caught

When you dream that you have caught the fish and brought it home, this dream has negative symbolism and usually indicates that you will be forced to perform many duties and responsibilities. These responsibilities will all affect your family, therefore you will have to spend a lot of time with them.

Dreaming of eating the fish

A dream in which you have eaten fish is a good sign. In fact, this dream usually indicates that you will receive good news in the near future as well as that your health will be great. Dreaming this way may indicate a good and successful period for you. You can expect wealth and abundance to come into your life. If you dreamed this way, it indicates the right time to play the lotto and win something.

We also need to be aware that the dream may have negative connotations as well. If you dreamt you ate your own fish, you probably cannot take comfort in that dream. Usually, when you dream that you have eaten your own catch, this is a poor sign. It usually indicates that you will likely have some health issues or you will suffer some kind of an accident.

There is a possible connection between this dream and something bad happening to someone in your family or friends, so we can conclude that this dream is a negative dream.

So, we can sum up by saying that eating fish caught by someone else or seafood restaurants is much better than eating fish caught yourself. It has already been mentioned that this dream typically means something negative.

Dreaming of the fish that was out of water

When you have such a dream, it’s a negative symbol. Usually, this dream indicates that you’re experiencing a certain level of discomfort and loneliness as a consequence of something. Dreaming about being surrounded by fish may also signify you will need to alter something in your life so that you feel more satisfied with yourself and your life.

Among the positive aspects of this dream is that you have eaten different types of fish. Typically, this dream signifies success in your professional life where you will accomplish the projects that you undertake in the following period.

Dreaming of being attacked by the big fish

The dream in which you saw yourself being attacked by a fish is indicative of the fact that you are trying to get away from your emotional problems, although they are not free from you. There are still some problems in your relationship that you cannot face and you avoid thinking about them.

Dreaming of the big fish eating you

Dreaming of eating a big fish can be a sign of being surrounded by enemies that wish to harm you and to make you feel bad. It is probably going to ruin your good reputation in the future if you are not careful.

Dreaming of the fish talking

A dream like that can be a bad omen, for it reflects your feelings of loneliness in the following period, and you will encounter difficulties in communicating with a friend or member of your family.

Dreaming of the fish flying

Another very unusual dream is about flying fish. However, this dream has positive symbolism and shouldn’t scare you. This dream indicates that you will finally overcome all the difficulties you have encountered on your way and that you will finally be able to resolve the issues that have bothered you for a long time.

Dreaming of the fish tank

When you see a fish tank in a dream that is full of fish, it indicates you must try to stay out of other people’s trouble. In accordance with the tenet of self-control, you must take full control over your own life and should not try to influence the lives of others. A fish tank dream may also suggest great fortune in your career.

Dreaming of cleaning the fish tank

In your dream of cleaning the fish tank, you are usually trying to be someone that you are not. You want people to see you in a better light, so you are avoiding all your negative qualities.

Dreaming of the fisherman

When you dream of the fisherman, it means that you need some kind of relaxation and is in need of some self-discipline. Maybe you have too much to worry about in your waking life, and your working too much, so you need to take some time to rest and enjoy yourself.

Dreaming of the fisherman who is catching the fish

Dreaming that you caught the fish in your dream is probably a sign that you need to change something about yourself. You may not be communicating well with other people, so you ought to fix that as soon as possible. Being more patient and being more understanding toward other people’s needs may be necessary.

Dreaming of killing the fish

If you have dreamt of fish that you have killed, you should not be bothered. This dream usually carries a positive connotation and indicates that you will have great success in the future. When in a waking state, you will be able to defeat all your enemies and emerge as a victor in all situations.

Dreaming of the dead fish

When the fish that you dreamed about dies, it is not a good sign. This dream is indicating that you are about to go through a difficult phase in your life, and you will be disappointed by someone.

Furthermore, you will no longer be in control of your life and feel miserable. Dreaming about a dead fish can be a sign that something valuable to you, either financially or emotionally, will be lost. Regardless, this dream symbolizes negative things and you will have many problems in the future if this dream occurred to you.

dreaming of fish during pregnancy

People have contacted me and inquired whether having dreams about fish means they are pregnant. Dreaming of fish in the sea represents the insight of a person’s subconscious mind, especially if they saw multiple fish swimming in the water.

Fish in dreams symbolizes your awareness and, to a lesser degree, your understanding of yourself or another individual. Fish appear in dreams frequently during pregnancy.

I also believe this dream has prophetic significance. The legend goes that many females who dream about fish end up pregnant with someone they know. I wonder if this is true.

If I dreamed of fish during my pregnancy, I would most likely give birth to a beautiful girl. Seeing blackfish when you are pregnant indicates a healthy baby boy will be born. If you see fish while pregnant, you will have an easy delivery and a smooth journey. You can be foretold to have an intelligent, and capable child if you see a carp in your dream, during pregnancy. The dream of catching a fish while you are pregnant is a sign you will give birth to a boy who will be successful in life.

Pregnancy dreams that involve fish are generally interpreted as “positive signs” and thus hold a positive meaning.

Dreaming of the piles of dead fish

There is also a negative meaning to this type of dream. This indicates that all your hopes will be dashed in the future and you will be lonely and sad. There will be a feeling that no one understands you, and you will have to endure a very difficult period in your life.

Dreaming of the fish market

Having dreamed of the fish market, this dream can be a positive one. As a result, you will enjoy good luck in the future period and have the opportunity to achieve all your goals.

Dreaming of the small fish

In the dream you may have seen a small fish, meaning that you may encounter an accident. However, you will not receive serious injuries and soon afterward, you will begin feeling well again.

Also, a small fish in a dream could mean that you will lose something you value greatly. Perhaps that will be something of material value, or perhaps it will be someone important to you.

Dreaming of the big fish

You may dream of a large fish that carries bad news and someone will try to steal your good reputation if you have dreamed of one.

Dreaming of the white fish

You dreamt about a white fish, which has something to do with your love life. It could mean that you would receive love messages from someone and you would be thrilled.

Dreaming of the sea fish

Dreams about fish carry positive connotations. Good luck follows you on your way, and you will come into a great deal of money in the future.

Dreaming of the fish pond that is empty

Dreaming of a fish pond that is empty is often a bad sign. In fact, this is usually a sign that your enemies are watching you and they are just waiting for the right time to take advantage of you.

Dreaming of the fish bones

If you dreamed that you saw fish bones, it means that you have experienced something that has made you learn a lot from your past. It is certain to help you not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Dreams About Fish Eggs

While dreams about fish eggs might sound next-level random, there is a deeper meaning behind them. Dreaming of eggs generally indicates a fresh start, says Loewenberg. In many cases, dreams of fish eggs are linked to fertility, she says: If you are currently pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant, it’s common to dream of fish eggs. Other times, fish egg dreams may signify a new partnership, or a chance to rekindle a strong bond with someone. Bring on the fish eggs!

Dreams About Getting Eaten By A Fish

In this one, it’s more like a fish nightmare. If you dream that fish are biting you while you sleep, try evaluating your social dynamics. It’s quite common for the negative dynamics in your life to set off a dream of getting chomped.

These dreams may be just what you need to make positive changes in your life. If you’re having a fight with a friend or are in a toxic relationship, this dream may be a sign that you need to deal with it soon, she adds.

Keep a positive attitude during your dream research, and keep your subconscious free of any dead fish you may come across.


If you have recurring fish dreams, you may find it beneficial to write them down in a journal alongside your waking state as you reflect on the emotional states or events in your dream state.

Fish dreams can be summarized in two ways:

Fish dreams often reflect opportunities, intuition, curiosity, maturity, setting emotional boundaries, emotional maturity, and the ability to embrace creative opportunities.

The following negative fish dreams are commonly associated with: Abandoned ideas, creative blocks, feelings of lack or poverty, and spiritual stagnation.

Use common sense when deciding what meanings are most meaningful to you. Everyone has their own interpretation of a fish’s spiritual meaning, so stay tuned to your own inner voice concerning what your fish dreams mean to you.

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