Dreams About Pigs – Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism

The domestic pig is one of the most widespread mammals on the planet and has been of great use to mankind, primarily as food and a source of clothing. They are also widely present in our food.

Many people do not eat pork for religious reasons. Some people even have pigs as pets. Because they are so present in our lives, it is no wonder that we sometimes dream of them too. In dreams, pigs can be a sign of stubbornness, selfishness, filth, gluttony, greed, excess, etc.

This dream might represent someone in your life with these characteristics, or it might reveal some of your characteristics, stressing that you need to change them.

A dream about pigs can also be a sign of changes, usually good, especially if the pig looks healthy. You may experience some business success and career development. Pigs can sometimes be a sign of prosperity and abundance.

This dream might also indicate having some misconceptions and delusions about some people or issues and this dream asks you to re-evaluate your beliefs. Maybe some things are not what you think.

More than one pig in a dream is also a good sign, indicating significant success and achievements that you may soon experience.

If you had a dream about a pig, it might indicate a little income or a little extra income.

Pig dreams often symbolize new opportunities to improve your life. It is important to be vigilant not to lose them and then try to make the most of them.

Dreaming of Pigs – Meaning and Symbolism

Pigs are very intelligent and prolific mammals by nature. Pigs are associated with many things, whether spiritually, physically or intellectually, and can be a sign of great fertility and success.

These smart little creatures can have different meanings, which can be positive or negative.

To dream of pigs can indicate a person’s personality and can portray stubbornness, filth, gluttony, excess, selfishness, and more.

When a pig is present in your dream, it can be a sign that someone around you has these kinds of characteristics and you should take things lightly when dealing with these people.

On the bright side, seeing pigs in your dreams can be a sign that you got a bad idea about people or something.

Dreaming about pigs may be the result of the change, some characteristics you possess, fortune, success, bad luck, disappointment, and the like.

Dreams About Pigs - Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism
Dreams About Pigs – Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism

Seeing this creature in your dream may be related to the things you do and the experiences you have with it. The following paragraphs will capitalize more on the different reasons why you might dream of pigs.

If you saw a pig in your dream and still do not understand why you are having this kind of dream, then you should read further and understand the cause of your own dream.

Personal characteristics

Pigs have traits that make them irritating and disgusting when in a certain environment.

These animals can stay in the first place for as long as possible and that is the reason why they are not popular for being bred in certain environments.

Having a dream related to pigs can portray their dirty and dirty nature and it can be a stain on an individual’s life and it is important that you get a handle on these things.

It can be a sign that you have done some things that are not good for your health and your personality, and if you don’t avoid this attitude it can have a negative impact on your life.

You might dream of (dirty) pigs if you are someone who is not afraid to be groomed and can do whatever you want. You must learn to control your attitude and behavior in order to be able to move forward in life.


When you dream of pigs it can be a sign that you will be successful at what you are doing. Maybe you are having some work or personal life issues and are looking for a way to fix them.

To dream of a pig is a sign that whatever problems you may have and challenges that come your way, you will definitely be successful in the end.

If you are married and are going through difficult times in your marriage or if everything has been difficult for a long time, there is a great sign that you will be successful in the long run and you will be all set.

Fertility and sexual desire

Pigs are very prolific and have the ability to give birth to as many piglets as possible. If you have a dream related to pigs, it might be a sign of your sexual ability and ability to shake things up.

Maybe you are at work and have a project for yourself and some people, having this kind of dream could be a sign that you will be able to accomplish these things without any stress.

It can also be related to your relationship, it can indicate the level of satisfaction you get when you are with your spouse or lover.

You should know that having a dream related to pigs may mean that you will be blessed with the fruit of your mother’s womb and have as many children as you are satisfied with.

Don’t worry about the marriage, everything for your future has improved and all you need to do is stay on track.


Having a dream related to pigs might be a sign of a big difference that you will soon have. It could be a sign that you are going from grass to grace and things will get better for you in all aspects of your life.

It could be a sign that you are going through something different in your financial life and that you can live happily with a smile on your face.

It could also be the result of a possible perk coming your way and once you can grab the opportunity you will become a better man and things will change forever.

Change is the only constant thing in life and when it does come it’s important to embrace it and move on. You have to embrace life and the changes associated with this type of change so that you can have a happy and better future.

In this article, we are going to show you the different reasons why you might have this kind of dream and help you interpret common dreams about a pig. If you had a dream related to this, read on to find out more.

The spiritual interpretation of dreams of Pigs

The spiritual meaning of pigs in dreams represents their hard work, wealth, honesty, and patience. These pig dreams represent both fertility and imbalance in your life.

If you dreamed of domestic pigs it represents fertility, prosperity, and luck in your life, while dreaming of a wild pig represents imbalance, selfishness, greed, and lust.

To dream of pigs shows your stubborn nature, and a good change will happen in your life as well. It means that you are a trustworthy and generous person with an extraordinary sense of humor and understanding.

Prosperity and abundance

Pork is commonly eaten as a staple food by most Eastern and Western cultures around the world. However, two of the world’s major religions have banned it, which makes it controversial. However, due to the ancient association with pigs in the house, which means you have enough to get through the winter, pigs are forever etched in our old memories and therefore in our subconscious. In Dreamland, our subconscious uses symbols like these to communicate with us about our lives. To dream of a pig in most contexts is auspicious and a sign of wealth and abundance to follow.

Gluttony and excess

Depending on the type of dream and how the pig appears or what it does, etc., it may represent gluttony and excess. Just as someone can be called a “pig” for eating more than their fair share, to dream of a pig can mean someone is cheated on something, devalued, taken for granted, or overworked. Pay close attention to your surroundings to determine who or what the pig represents and you will be on your way to interpreting the meaning of your dream. Use the example dream interpretations provided to help you navigate the possibilities and be aware of the chances that the Gluttonous Pig is you. Don’t be afraid to admit or accept, but let your dream open your eyes to who and what you tell yourself you really want to be.

Greed and selfishness

Just as it can be difficult to admit that we are too forgiving, it can be difficult to admit that we are greedy or selfish. However, our dreams can disrupt our ability to delude ourselves and shock us with symbolic meaning. To dream of a pig may signify that you or a loved one is centered in a place of greed or selfishness. Pay close attention to these signs as your financial fortune may be at stake. Perhaps the pig represents someone you plan to do business with or how you feel when playing the lottery, etc. Trust your instincts and you probably won’t regret it.

The Most Common dream About the Pigs

Pigs are not difficult animals to notice, from the smell where they live, pigs tend to be unique in this regard.

Although pigs do not appear much in dreams, there are dreams about this mammal that are very common, so you need to understand each of them.

Dream interpretation often requires a great understanding of things in the dream, so when having this type of dream it is important that you take into account the pig itself, its behavior, and its nature. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss several other dreams and their interpretations.

Dreaming of coming across a pig

A dream in which you found yourself suddenly surrounded by pigs is usually not a good omen. In this dream, a period of hardship, disappointment, and loss is often foretold.

Dreaming of a dirty pig

An unclean pig in a dream usually indicates an unlucky future. You may not be respected enough by your partner if he or she does this. There is a possibility that you feel that you deserve better treatment from your partner than what you are receiving now.

Dreaming about someone you know treating you badly could indicate that you feel offended and rude.

Dreaming of a healthy-looking pig

A dream in which a pig looks healthy is a good dream omen. It usually indicates that you will soon experience some promising developments related to your career or business. These dreams can indicate that a new venture is being launched or that you have signed a lucrative contract.

Dreaming of a sick looking pig

The dream of a sick-looking pig is usually a sign of a minor issue you might encounter at work soon. The good news is that colleagues will be able to assist you and assist you in solving the problem.

Dreaming of a skinny looking pig

It’s usually not a good sign if you dream about a skinny pig. If this occurs, you probably have a problem with your children or co-workers. It is possible that you may have disappointed yourself in your profession or finances when you dream of having such a dream.

Dreaming of a pig in your house

In a dream, if you see a pig inside your house, it may be a very good sign. A speedy recovery from an illness usually denotes good health.

Dreaming of feeding a pig or pigs

If you dreamed that you were feeding a pig, that dream is generally not bad. A jar may symbolize your tendency to set money aside for the future or in order to accomplish some goals. There could be no one else providing income in the house so everyone relies on you.

Pig dreams are usually considered good dreams if you feed a lot of pigs in them.

The improvement of your general health is often symbolized by this.

In other words, if the pigs were eating directly from your hands, this dream indicates that you will be successful with or without the help and support of others. Dreams in which the pigs refuse to eat are not good signs, as they indicate possible conflicts that you could soon face.

Dreaming of a pig screeching or grunting

The dream of a pig grunting or screeching is usually a bad sign. Perhaps you’re about to receive a bad piece of news. If you receive this news about a friend you have not seen in a long time, it might make you very sad.

Dreaming of a mother pig with its piglets

If you dreamt of a mother pig and her piglets, it is a sign of good fortune. You could soon experience good luck if it occurs. A new opportunity may present itself for you to progress in your career or business. You may even start a payable business and be extremely satisfied with that.

It often means that your finances and income are improving steadily.

Dreaming of riding a pig

This dream usually isn’t a good sign. If you dreamt you rode a pig, it usually indicates something negative is about to happen. Getting involved in some odd or eccentric activities soon could damage your reputation and make people gossip about you.

Dreaming of seeing a pig from a distance

You are lucky if you dreamed of seeing a porcupine from a distance. In most cases, it indicates that a prosperous period of your life is about to begin. To be successful in achieving your goals, you need to be alert and watch for opportunities.

It can sometimes be an indication of finding some opportunities that can enable you to provide enough money for your family’s future as well as your own.

Dreaming of killing a pig

You dreamed about killing a pig because you wanted to eat it, which is a good sign. It generally represents some profitable ventures that will increase your finances significantly.

Your shrewd business moves will be rewarded in the end.

Dreaming of cutting off a pig’s head

It is often a bad sign to dream that you chopped off a pig’s head in your dream. There’s a danger approaching soon, according to this sign. As you wake up from this dream, prepare yourself to either avoid potentially dangerous situations or face some danger if it has to be faced.

It is possible that if the pig’s head was covered in blood, that dream was warning you about a potential failure of your plans and disappointment.

Dreaming of seeing a pig’s head on a plate

It is not unusual to dream of seeing pig’s heads on a plate in relation to your subconscious. Your subconscious may be asking you to do something about some unfinished business you left undone.

Dreaming of getting financial help from someone powerful and influential is sometimes an indication that this person is powerful and influential.

Dreaming of cooking a live pig

You are usually in good spirits if you dreamed about cooking a live pig. In many ways, it symbolizes transformation, a readiness to put the past behind you, as well as a readiness to meet new people and experience new things.

It is also a sign that you are letting go of all forms of negativity.

Dreaming of selling a pig

Selling a pig is a good dream if it happens to you in real life. It usually represents getting something you wanted for a long time, but only after substantial effort and hard work. You won’t have to worry about it falling from the sky.

Dreaming of several pigs

Seeing several pigs in a dream could mean you are being warned. You may be putting your reputation at risk when you take certain actions. In this dream, we are being warned to be careful how we behave if we don’t want others to talk about us negatively or to avoid us.


Pig dreams might seem complicated, but they often have their own special meanings and interpretations, so you need to be careful when having a dream like this.

At first, glance, dreaming of a pig may seem completely meaningless to many people. These are not the types of animals that we usually encounter as spirit animals or totems. We tend to see them more like cattle these days, which is sadly a far cry from modern life.

However, due to their strong association with the family unit and keeping the family alive through their ultimate sacrifice, pigs have gained a prominent place in the global subconscious human mind.

This type of dream can be related to your sex life, financial progress, personal characteristics, and more. Be patient when you have these kinds of dreams, they are very pleasant and enlightening.

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