Dreams About the Same Person – Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams are fantastic. There are several types of dreams. Some have a special message, while others are just fragments of your thoughts that you see in your sleep. You may dream of the same person over and over again.

The interval between these dreams can be as short as a single day. Dreaming about the same person can be overlooked for a day or two. But if you see the same person over and over more than two or three times, then you can’t ignore it.

It’s not surprising when you dream about someone you know or don’t repeat yourself. You may find out in your dream that you are dreaming about a certain person whom you do not know. This can happen many times. My name is Flo and I am here to explain to you what it means when you keep dreaming about the same person. As I described before, it is very relationship-oriented.

To some extent, relationships are choices we make in life. The choice of relationship is lost in relation to our family. We all know that relationships can bring sadness, happiness, and well-being. Most importantly, relationships can help us feel like we belong in life. I have destroyed the meaning of this dream and covered everything you need to know about it.

I’m going to go over what someone’s dream you know can really mean from a social perspective, as well as a psychological interpretation and plot of the spiritual dream. I know it’s troubling to have the same dream about the same person, but there’s a reason you keep having the same dream over and over again. From a spiritual standpoint, dreaming of the same person in many ancient dream texts indicates your own psyche.

Even though you may see someone else in the dream, “someone” can be a reflection of you. The dream needs to be analyzed in more detail in terms of what the person was actually doing in the dream. The dream itself is usually about your own passion, business, initiative, and happiness. When you dream about multiple people over and over, it indicates that you are ready for action, perhaps in a social setting. If you have dreamed several nights of the same person, it is important to take note of it because it is important symbolism.

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Dreaming of the Same Person – Meaning and Symbolism

if the same person appears all the time in your dream? People are always present in dreams. It could be someone from the past, our knowledge of the present, and people we don’t know. Also in dreams, we receive visits from deceased relatives and friends. However, dreamers are puzzled by a question: why does the same person come to the dream for a long period of time? Sometimes an old acquaintance who has not been seen for many years enters a dream with enviable persistence! Sometimes in a dream, you can see a generally unknown person who appears regularly. What does that mean?

The interpretation of the meaning of the dream of seeing the same person approaching has two directions: psychological and esoteric. Psychologists associate dreamlike events with images of reality, and esotericists see in them the contact of the subconscious with the subtle world.

Dreams About the Same Person - Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism
Dreams About the Same Person – Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism

For example, a frequent dream of a person of the opposite sex can alert you to an impending change in your personal life – the creation of a family. As long as the dreams were positive. A dream vision of a person of the same sex can tell about the appearance of a faithful friend or girlfriend in the near future.

There is also a mystical interpretation of a recurring dream about the same person. If a person of the opposite sex regularly enters your dreams (which are familiar or unfamiliar to you), you should contact the magician / psychic for a diagnosis. The possibility of magical influence is not excluded.

However, you shouldn’t consider the dream of someone you have a real connection with. If you are busy thinking about a subject during the day, the regular appearance of your image in a dream speaks only of one thing: you continue the line of communication that began during the day.

If the dreamer feels sympathy for this person, then the plot fulfills dreams that are not embodied in reality. Everything is possible in a dream, there are no restrictions and prohibitions. It is through dreams that pleasant sensations can be obtained in contact with a certain person, inaccessible to awakening.

If someone you don’t have a close connection with is actually visiting your dreams, it could mean that your subconscious is trying to convey something important to you. Esotericists and psychologists advise you to make an appointment with this person and discuss.

If a person from the past with whom you have lost contact regularly visits you in a dream, in this case, the interpretation may be ambiguous. Or the subconscious points to unresolved issues from the past when you were in contact with that person; or you have to let go of your past memories and live a real life.

What does it mean if an unknown person often appears in your dreams? Esotericism advises to try to speak abroad in such cases. This dream is considered a harbinger of a life change.

The spiritual interpretation of dreams of the Same Person

Dreams of the same person spiritually are often about our inner connection, especially if you experience them in real life. If it is a love interest, it is not uncommon to dream of the person repeatedly, it is because of the spiritual connection with them on a different plane.

The dream itself may be due to the peace and satisfaction in your life. You must be wondering how to relate to the person you might see in the dream. Turning to Carl Jung, he clarified the dreams of the same person on several occasions as an experience of introversion and extroversion, where the reason is attached to that person in waking life.

Jung believed that as human beings we have an unconscious attachment to a person due to our own personal growth. The relationship between our spiritual self and the same person in your dream is about wanted and unwanted things. If someone doesn’t care about us no matter what we do in life, be it good or bad, then it can show up in our dreams.

If you are spiritually dreaming about the same person and enjoying them, it may just subconsciously mean that you have a spiritual bond or connection with them.

Spiritually, the dream of seeing the same person may mean that you have to cut the cords of attachment energetically and spiritually with the person you continually dream of. If the person is not in your current life, it may be a soul in transition. When I was little, my father taught me the mantra and asked me to imagine a white light around me to protect my auric field.

It’s about creating psychic protection, there is magic in our way of thinking. Emphasis is also placed on divine guides to focus our energy, and we transmit spiritual and energetic cords to other human beings for the greater good.

There is no denying that if you have had a connection with someone in real life, these cables mean that you have the personal power to dream about the same person all the time.

There is something spiritually significant with this person, even if you don’t know them, I advise you to cut the ropes. We form emotional bonds with people who can provide us with security, protection and hold on to others. Cables for humans are generally positive, but they can also be negative.

Reasons Why You Constantly Dream About the Same Person

When you have a repetitive dream about someone, it can have any of these meanings.

1. You are in love with the person
You have a deep affection for them and you can’t wait to see them. You are constantly thinking about them, consciously or unconsciously. The person doesn’t need to know you and they might not be on a call, but because you remember them and have that still image of them, you miss them. Therefore, you can dream of being with them over and over again.

2.you are guilty
Repetitive dreams are common when you are harming someone. Again, the person may not be conscious, but their mind continues to reflect the action. It develops guilt and makes you its slave. When you sleep, that guilt in your subconscious takes the form of a dream.

3. A deep desire to correct an embarrassing situation
An embarrassing moment, like saying the wrong words or revealing a family secret in a crowd, can be heartbreaking. Maybe you said something extremely intimidating. When scenes of how it happened and people involved continue to recall, this memory remains active for a long time. The result, a recurring dream about the person you have harassed before.

4. Childhood experiences
Repetitive dreams also occur from our childhood experiences. The scariest, happiest and most painful memories of our childhood are etched in our minds and keep repeating themselves in the form of dreams. Mainly because, as children, we explore without limits and experience extreme pleasure or displeasure.

5. Warning
Psychics believe terrifying dreams mean that you might receive warning signs about a loved one. It may depend on your faith, but the dream behaves like a hunch. They claim that dreaming about someone over and over again can be a way of predicting what might happen in the future. If, for example, you keep dreaming about the death of a person, he may be in danger.

6. Pending fences
Other dreams arise because you have unfinished business with someone. You will keep dreaming about the person every night until you solve the problem with the person. For example, the person may have stolen something valuable from you, and you find that the situation cannot be resolved until you resolve the issue.

7. Take care of loved ones who are far away
Sometimes dreams take the form of an affirmation. It is a deep feeling towards a close friend or family member that they are going through a difficult time. The person may be far away from you, but the dream makes you feel like they are inside. Note that it may or may not be real, but the dream persists for some time.

8. Pass a message
Some spiritual teachers see dreams as a way to convey information. For example, many people dreamed of a future event – good or bad. When these dreams reappear, spiritual people begin to take precautions. It can mean spiritual acts such as prayer and fasting, as well as real actions such as ending a relationship.

9. Real-life trauma
You have had a traumatic experience that you find almost impossible to overcome. Some dreams are repetitive nightmares resulting from (bad) real-life experiences. They are often terrifying enough to put you to sleep in the middle of the night. It can be a representation of real situations such as accidents.

10. Wish for the return of the deceased
At other times, we can lose the ones we love the most. During sleep, you dream about the living person, a sign that you miss them and the good times you had with them. This type of dream usually happens immediately after you die.

The Most Common dream About the Same Person

Dreaming about someone you know

Therapists in my field agree that dreams are compensatory, which means that they are not arbitrary or meaningless, but that they have a distinct intention and purpose, which is to convey material. From unconsciousness to consciousness.

When you dream of people you know, Stout explains that you don’t really dream of them. Instead, the people in your dreams are actually “representing aspects of you.” Stout further explained, writing: “If you dream of a close friend, think about his strongest character traits. If you think he is humble, then you dream of his humble side.” Yes, even in our dreams we are all a little obsessed with ourselves.

Dreaming about someone you know

Dreaming about your best friends may be more about you than them, but what does it mean when you dream about someone you know? It turns out that this kind of dream might not be that deep. “What happens is that when you fall asleep, those thoughts and images and data that spin in your brain before you fall asleep – these things will keep spinning at night.

So let’s say you’ve dreamed of a high school acquaintance – someone you haven’t thought about in years and years. While the dream might seem totally unexpected, it is possible that you saw someone earlier today who reminded you of your ex-boyfriend. It may have happened without you realizing it, but your mind stored the information anyway. “We have no control over how all of the information you receive during the day may appear while you sleep.

Dreaming about someone you dated

This is partly due to a (mental) habit, partly to what your ex means to you, and partly to an attempt to resolve unresolved issues (possibly the reason for the breakup.

While dreaming about your ex can be confusing – especially if you’re in a relationship with someone else – these dreams don’t necessarily mean you want to get back together. you do your best to own the parts of yourself that you have given them, whether good or bad and so that you have the opportunity to become more complete.

Dreaming about someone you don’t even know

Even scarier than dreaming about an ex or someone you met is dreaming about someone you don’t know: a stranger. You might be surprised to learn that around 50% of the people we dream of are strangers. That is, people who are not familiar to us.

In short, male strangers very often occur in dreams and invariably signal physical aggression. Strange men seem to be the “code” for aggressive impulses processed in memory. Instead, they seem to deal with other subjects, subjects (and characters) that we cannot adequately capture with images derived from everyday life,

What to Do When You Dream About the Same Person

When you dream about someone twice in a row, you may become concerned and obsessed with the context and the dream message. While Sigmund Freud’s suggestion that dreams express forbidden desires can be debated, there is no universal guide to what to do when dreaming about someone repeatedly. But here are some ideas on what to do.

1. Take the time to assess the dream
First, think about the dream. Social psychologists believe dreams can influence your decision-making process. Thinking about your dreams can help you understand their meaning, creating space for you to make the right decisions.

2. Talk to someone you trust
Dreams can also be stressful, especially when you realize that you may not have control over them. You may be thinking about approaching the person in question, but you are worried that they will distract you.

Talking helps you find peace in your mind and move forward.

3. Don’t stress
If your dreams repeat themselves, you may be suffering from anxiety or stress. About 60% of people have recurring dreams that symbolize what is going on in their life on an emotional level. Slow down a bit and take a deeper look at your life. Your dreams are likely to have little or no impact on your life.

4. Resolve conflicts
Dreams are often a representation of a struggle with unresolved issues. The stress behind our lives and denials may not bother us during our waking hours because we are busy, but while we sleep they become tormentors. Dreams – especially recurring dreams make us wonder how and why things are the way they are.

The surest way to stop repetitive dreams is to clear your baggage of conflict and start your life on a new slate. Solving these stubborn problems will likely end recurring dreams.

5. Use image repetition therapy
It is a famous cognitive-behavioral treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have nightmares so vivid and scary that you are afraid to fall asleep, mental image repetition therapy can help you regain your sanity and eliminate bad dreams. This therapy works by getting rid of negative emotions such as fear, loss, sadness, shame, and anger.


Although different people often appear in our dreams, if you had a dream about the same person, whether family members or strangers, this dream usually has some concrete meaning that you should take with you in your life. awake.

To dream of someone who has passed away can be a heartbreaking experience because, of course, you think about it anyway. It can make a painful situation worse, but try to focus on the positive things they have brought to your life.

These dreams are similar to our relationships in all their forms, they help us to reflect and improve our waking life for the better. They may suggest that a relationship needs attention to get back on track, or maybe the behavior (yours or theirs) has negatively affected your connection.

Constantly dreaming about someone can mean that you are thinking too much about the past or even the future. It can also symbolize the future that is working well for you, or that you have learned from the mistakes of the past and will help you in the future.

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