Dreams About Toilets – Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism

Our natural urges to relieve ourselves are satisfied in the toilet. They are so central to our lives that we tend to dream about them a lot as well.

Many things can be symbolized by toilets in dreams. We can use them to indicate our nervousness about someone or something. Our facial expressions often indicate feelings of embarrassment or shock when we encounter something. In some cases, dreams about toilets represent your need for solutions to some problems.

Dreaming about problems could also signify someone bothering you. In some situations and by some people, these feelings could indicate feeling humiliated.

Toilet dreams tend to be indicative of an invasion of privacy and an uncomfortable feeling. These dreams can be indications that you have health issues or are in unhealthy situations.

You tend to harbor some unresolved issues and anger in your body when you experience them. Something may have happened that caused an emotional upheaval, which led to this dream. When you have toilet dreams, you may be releasing some tension or releasing something inside.

Possibly, something or someone frightened you and caused you to dream about a toilet. Your actual need to relieve your discomfort could explain why you dreamed about a toilet.

Dreams like these reveal what you’re holding inside and the need to let go of it. This dream may be a sign that you’re hoping to resolve a problem or that you have some repressed emotions, a painful memory you’d like to let go of, or bad habits, beliefs, etc.

Sometimes, dreams like these signs that something or someone in your life needs to be released because it’s not helping you. If you dream of this, it is urging you to let go of any obstacles holding you back and flush them out.

Dreaming About Toilets – Meaning and Symbolism

Toilets in dreams – It’s a pretty common myth that you shouldn’t fall for the images of toilets in dreams. There’s a trap here! Imagine being unconscious of peeing in bed while dreaming of a toilet.

A possible reason for this could be the bodily sensations one feels before getting into bed, or even as someone who is half-asleep.

However, what about when you do not experience this sensation while you sleep? How exactly do dreams about toilets manifest themselves when this does not occur?

Dreams About Toilets - Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism
Dreams About Toilets – Interpretation, Meaning and Symbolism

The presence of toilets in dreams signals the need for some private time in order to process our feelings. If you dream that you are going to the toilet, you could be feeling watched by others. However, if you are going to the toilet in your dreams, you may be indicating that you are moving forward in a new direction. This can also indicate blocked energy in the room around you if you have clogged or blocked toilets.

Urinating in a dream might just be a dream of something you need to do in real life, such as going to the toilet. If you suddenly urinate in your dream, you may be experiencing anxiety in waking life. The dreams we have can be related to images we hold in our daily lives or the wants and needs of our bodies as Freud said that dreams can be influenced by powerful physical stimuli.

These are the Symbolism of Toilets dreams

That shows you are dealing with crap right now.

It makes sense that dreams about toilets have to do with seeing and dealing with crap since literal crap is most likely associated with the toilet.

Dreams like these are funny but they’re also rather common. They’re a manifestation your emotions. In many instances, it symbolizes the process of letting go as part of your spiritual journey.

Privacy is an issue for you.

Every person needs privacy when trying to understand themselves, just as they do when they go to the bathroom. You may dream about toilets when you feel that you are being watched.

Your anxiety and panic are caused by this feeling as if you are being watched over. A person’s actions or deeds may be misinterpreted as a sign of difficulty to come.

There are issues with your professional or social life.

In your dream, you see the toilet as a symbol of how you express your inner emotions (or lack thereof). Your social circle or work environment will present you with an unfortunate event.

There are times when you just need to get away, because of the constant nagging of your boss, work pressure, or tension among your friends.

Your family or yourself are causing you problems.

When the toilet is viewed as a literal representation of the “throne of relief”, it becomes evident how it represents the liberation of the mind and heart.

A predicament may be affecting your relationships with your family members, or even your relationship with yourself. A challenge might be causing you a great deal of stress at the moment.

Feelings cannot be released.

It is hard for a person to deal with their feelings when they are not free to express themselves. Having a hard time expressing your true emotions can bring you a lot of anxiety and worry.

If you are afraid to speak your truth, perhaps for fear of being judged, misunderstood, or ridiculed.

The spiritual interpretation of dreams About Toilets

When we dream of toilets, we are meant to think of ourselves as resilient and powerful. The dream of flushing a toilet is connected to your spiritual journey, as a toilet is often associated with letting go, peace, harmony, and good luck in ancient dream books. The dream is simple as well as awful, but it’s a lucky dream, according to dream lore.

You should always be cautious of your emotions if you have a dream of a toilet because you are more likely to find good luck and happiness in society. This signifies a positive spiritual omen, as the toilet dream represents an important message.

The Most Common dream About Toilets

In the following section, we will discuss the most common interpretation and meaning of toilet dreams.

To dream of seeing a toilet

If you see a toilet in your dream, it could symbolize the negative aspects in your life. This could be a case where you have long desired to eliminate certain ideas and beliefs but have been unable to do so. Having learned that some things in life are not for you, you have decided to eliminate them from your life.

Your difficulty letting go of emotional issues could also be a sign of problems processing them. When you are honest with yourself, you feel uncomfortable sharing it with others.

If the toilet is an open one

Throughout your waking hours, you have expressed your frustration with a lack of privacy. You may be unconsciously looking for some time to yourself when this happens. It is not uncommon for people to dream like this when they have felt deprived of privacy.

If you see the toilet positioned in a weird place,

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No matter how positive or negative the change is, it is undeterminable. As a result, you will be impacted in a way that will make you grow as a person.

If the toilet that you have dreamt of is public,

In other words, it simply means that there are many people who feel the same way as you do. All you have to do is recognize them. There are many things in common between you that you won’t believe.

A Dirty Toilet

To be able to progress in your waking life, you must also overcome the toxicity around you, whether it is coming from the people around you or emotional conflicts.

Any time your toilet looks dirty, your subconscious mind is suffering from some sort of toxicity, and you need to deal with it.

Seeing an entire restroom where all the toilets are too dirty to use may also be indicative that you feel like your options or choices are limited in your waking life.

This may seem like a negative omen to some, but it triggers and inspires personal growth that leads to a happy ending for most people. There are signals coming from your subconscious mind that want to help you move in the right direction.

A Broken Toilet

The absence of materials or resources is implied by a broken toilet. We can say the same thing about our dreams. You might be wondering how you didn’t expect something to happen like a toilet that won’t flush, and as a result this type of dream might indicate anxiety in your waking life.

This might also mean that you are feeling strained in your close social circle, or that you are considering some area in your life “broken.” This could be a sign of strained relationships with your loved ones, family, friends, and close associates.

If you have this dream, you might want to stay away from gossip and be aware of individuals that might be emotionally draining you. In addition, this dream may be a sign that you’re letting go of something in your life that you regret.

You will move on with your life despite any stress on the horizon, no matter the toilet is broken.

A Clean Toilet

It may not be your favorite ritual to clean the toilet. In any case, we must do it to keep our space sanitary and clean.

You are cleansing your life and environment by cleaning a toilet in your dream as a symbol of the need to remove negative energy. It is time to take action if you are dealing with negativity during the day. Self-destructive thoughts and behaviors may also need to be eliminated from your life.

Starting by cleaning your house will help you fulfill this dream. By doing so, you can reduce any tension or anxiety while you self-reflect.

Then, you must take care of your professional and social lives. Eliminate energy that is harmful or toxic, as well as anything or anyone that doesn’t serve a positive purpose.

A Clogged Toilet

In dreams, clogged toilets often symbolize something that’s holding you back in the real world, or hindering your ability to succeed and grow.

Feeling like you’re taking one step forward, double back three times may make you feel like you’re going nowhere. Even if you feel like you’re stuck in an impossible circumstance, there’s actually a way to overcome your mental and physical barriers.

Take small steps towards resolution if you find yourself in this situation. Every day, do at least one thing that will improve your situation or help you achieve your goal. The problems you face will gradually disappear, making life easier for you.

Clogged toilets can also be indicators that you need to be kinder to yourself and accept your mistakes and regrets. Having too much on your plate makes your toilet clog, metaphorically speaking.

To dream of using a toilet

As far as personal matters are concerned, you may finally be able to resolve them. Changing your beliefs and perspectives might be what you are trying to achieve.

It will be hard and uncomfortable to go through this change, just like any other. Even so, don’t let this change discourage or scare you if you think that you are on the right path.

To dream of cleaning a toilet

An actual clean-up is represented in this vivid way. Getting rid of the old habits you have might have been a priority for you.

Your old ways no longer serve you and now you’re ready to begin something new and different. Another meaning of this could be the cessation of something you do not want in your life.

To dream about a clogged toilet

Getting something we want requires hard work. The foundation of every achievement and success is a blank canvas. You should keep this dream in mind as a mental reminder.

When you feel stagnated in the middle of chasing your dreams, it could be because you’re in the middle of chasing your dreams. The feeling is that you are being trapped, in a dead end, and without a way out. The situation is not alarming, however. Rest and pauses are part of every journey.

To dream about flushing a toilet

There is no easy way to free oneself. It could be symbolic of letting go of the negativity in your life to flush a toilet in your dream.

With the tools that you have received, you are now able to release everything that no longer serves you, such as people, patterns, memories, ways of living, or mentalities.

To dream of washing an old toilet

in your dreams may indicate that you will soon take care of someone.

You might think of your children, parents, or partners as this someone. There will eventually be stronger ties and bonds between them, regardless of who they are.

To dream of not being able to find a toilet

This type of dream indicates that one is not taking proper care of oneself. Your giving and selflessness may have compromised your own needs if you were too selfless.

Your attention was probably diverted by someone else’s problem as you focused on your own. The time has come for us to be able to say “yes” to others without saying “no” to ourselves.

To dream about building a toilet

It is a good sign that a new perspective has been gained. Your perspective on life has changed now. Your perception of colors has now been sharpened, making it easier for you to see what you are seeing.

Your excitement will be contagious when new opportunities present themselves. New possibilities have opened up to you as a result of your new outlook. It is different from the excitement you experience with your parents or friends.

To dream of being exposed while sitting on a toilet

This may possibly be the most humiliating scene a person can think of. Such dreams foretell loss and loneliness, for they are bad omens.

There is a possibility of dishonesty and untrustworthiness happening to you. You’ll face betrayal and fraudulence if you don’t prepare yourself.

To dream of a broken toilet

Unlike other broken items in dreams that portend bad fortune, a broken toilet portends good fortune. Symbolizing the emergence of resources that weren’t anticipated.

In this case, the money is mostly dead. You may feel like you have the toilet in your dreams because you have unexpected cash.

The same can also be said if your heart is breaking within you and you are unable to understand your emotions. You can always improve yourself with time and this process takes time.

To dream of seeing people queuing to use the toilet

Waiting in a line might be fun, but who would want to do it? You can’t ignore the call of nature, especially when it’s time to answer! Everyone has tried counting how many people there are in front of them before it is finally their turn. A dream like this teaches us patience.

As long as we wait, no matter how long the line becomes, we will eventually get our turn. Sadly, it’s not just there that the main point is. Meanwhile, we can always remain curious and try to find a solution if we are waiting.


There are numerous messages about toilets in our daily lives, including how we need to always take time to listen to ourselves.

Traditionally, such dreams are interpreted as bottled-up negativities and difficulty letting go of them. Psychological and emotional relief is necessary for this situation.

There is never a day when everything goes smoothly. The bathrooms and trash are also there. Life is never that beautiful if there’s a missing piece, but this is a part of it.

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