Dreaming of Cockroaches:26 Meanings You Never Know

dreaming of cockroaches

Dreams about cockroaches can be disturbing, especially if the cockroach wriggling inside of you. Cockroach dreams generally symbolize feelings of disgust, revulsion, and dirtiness. Dreams of cockroaches usually reflect feelings of disgust, repulsion, and fear. They may also represent some aspect of your own life that you find unclean or repulsive. Alternatively, cockroaches may represent … Read more

Dreams About Fat: 12 Meanings You Need To Know (Complete Guide)

Dream About Fat

Being overweight in a dream could symbolize feelings of insecurity or lack of self-esteem. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed with something in your life. If you are struggling with your weight in real life, dreaming of being obese may represent your desire to gain control over the situation. Dream … Read more