Have you explored the opposite meaning of the dream?

It is natural to approach dreams from the perspective of regular experience, although what appears in the dream is the opposite of what you believe. Just like you haven’t really thought about describing “Mark as being angry all the time,” you probably haven’t realized that you are angry too. If you dream of an intruder and are afraid of being overrun, this is not a message about taking precautions, but, in fact, a message about being too reclusive. You may need to be more open or more intimate so that other people don’t come into your life. If you dreamed about being naked and feeling ashamed or ashamed, maybe you are wearing the fantasy of an unnatural person and exploring removing that outfit that just hides your natural and human side. During the day, you may have revealed yourself in a way that made you vulnerable. The dream allows you to explore why this process was difficult for you. Most importantly, dreaming is a natural mechanism that allows you to evolve.

The dream suggests the feelings that you have to face and integrate into your life. In a dream, you may attend an event and cannot find certain clothes (sense of identity), shoes (sense of direction) or wallet (sense of self-worth). Dreams often have a message about how you cover up to hide your truest nature. You dream of a landslide and you are afraid of the future as the dream really explores the need to allow a change in your “foundation”. The concrete platform you are on must give way for new growth to take place.

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