What is the setting and how does it correspond to your current situation?

You can dismiss the dream because it seems to repeat the events of the day. Since dreams often present what you don’t recognize during the day, look for something the dream seems to emphasize. Instead of presenting the situation as you experienced it, recognize the elements that made it seem different: “It looked like … this was the store I was in yesterday, but …” The metaphorical associations of the dream are the key to identifying your hidden message.

If you are dreaming about the situation, there is one relevant aspect that you are missing out on. Experience always teaches you something and you have a second chance to apply your message productively. Realizing that something is being brought to your attention, respect this entry with an open mind, looking again at the situation. Dreams aren’t just about repeating what you’ve already observed and concluded. The fact that the event is in your dream suggests that the way you treated it may be incorrect.

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