Who are the characters in the dream?

You may dream of Susie and Mark, but how would you describe these individuals? What side of “you” do these characters represent? All of the symbols and characters describe how you grow up and let go of the mask you wear. The characteristics of each subject will reflect their existing or changing identity over time. They represent your side that you have subconsciously associated with them, whether you are aware of it or not. Who is Mark? Mark is angry all the time. Who is Susie? Susie is a good mother and takes care of everyone except herself.

Look at your situation as if Susie is that part of you that goes unrecognized. Mark can be an anger that you don’t recognize. When you look at the dream from this angle, what do you tell yourself through these characters? What part of your current way of interacting don’t you recognize? All characters represent stagnant, evolving, or unintegrated aspects of you. Even when the characters die or are threatened in a dream, it is only the disappearance of outdated ways of expressing themselves on the path to authentic empowerment. Birth and children often describe nature on an emerging side of you.

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