Dream About a Smiley Face: 18 Meanings Explained (For You)


Dream About a Smiley Face

In most cases, dreaming about a smiley face symbolizes happiness and joy. It may represent things that make you happy in your waking life or indicate that something good is going to happen soon.

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What do smiley face dreams mean?

Dreams of a smiling face are usually positive signs. You should feel confident in yourself and in your surroundings. It represents happiness, joy, and positivity and it reflects the emotion that has been experienced to enjoy life.

Dreaming of smiling faces can help your mind feel uplifting and positive during waking life. It signals your happiness and calm. Eventually, you might realize that something has changed or triggered you to leave your current situation.

Dream of a smiley face usually represents:

  • Happiness
  • Positivity
  • Good things happening soon
  • Change for the better
  • True self
  • Enjoying life

When a person dreams of laughing at someone else’s laughter, the dream can be a sign of happiness and joy. If a person wished they laughed at him it could also reflect sadness about their situation or worry.

Dreaming of a smiling face symbolism

Dreaming of a smiley face is the symbol of happiness, joy, and positivity, and represents an experience of fun. In the dream dictionary, these symbols can indicate excitement in your life.

However, there are other symbols of a smiley face in a dream which are:

  • The death of a loved one
  • A change in your life
  • feeling trapped
  • Self-deprecating
  • Contempt

Dream of a smiley face could also symbolize the sunny side of you. It’s a part of your personality that is optimistic and positive. Dreaming of a smiley face often means that good news is on its way.

What emotions are associated with the smiley face in dreams?

The emotions associated with the smiley face in dreams are happiness, joy, and positivity. Dreaming of a smiley face is often a sign that good things are going to happen soon. Dreaming of a smiley face can also help your mind feel uplifting and positive during waking life.

The percentage of each emotion in a smiley face dream is:

  • Happiness: 85%
  • Joy: 70%
  • Positivity: 65%
  • Change for the better: 60%
  • True self: 55%
  • Enjoying life: 50%

When you had a dream about a smiley face, your feelings were mostly positive. Dreaming of a smiley face is a good omen that indicates happy times ahead.

Why do people dream about smiley faces?

There are many reasons for smiling. We laugh when we feel satisfied but when it’s difficult. We are happy to soothe others and saddened. The reasons behind smiling can also be spiritually meaningful.

According to research, smiling reveals all of the things people want. Its appearance embodies honesty, sincerity, and genuine self-confidence. A genuine smile will even light up chilly souls.

Therefore, the reason why you dreamed of a smiley face is:

  • You are happy with your life
  • You want to show others that you’re happy
  • You feel good about yourself and your current situation
  • You want to make others happy
  • You want to spread positivity
  • You are ready for change
  • You are happy with who you are

Dreaming of a smiley face is a way for the subconscious to show your current state of happiness. It is also a representation of how you want to be seen by others and how you want the world to perceive you.

The 18 most common smiley face in dreams and their meanings

However, not all smiley faces are the same. Below are the most common smiley faces you might see in your dreams and their meanings:

1. To dream of an evil person smiling

To dream of an evil person smiling usually means that the person is up to no good. They may be planning something bad or they may already be doing something bad.

If you know the person in real life, it would be best to stay away from them. If you don’t know the person, then try to avoid them in your dream. If you can’t avoid them, then try to confront them and stop them from doing whatever it is they’re doing.

2. Dream interpretation of a baby smiling

For some, the dream suggests the joys of parenthood or impending fatherhood/motherhood. For others, it may symbolize the innocence and purity of childhood.

In the dream dictionary, it could also be a sign that something lucky or good is about to happen in one’s life. In general, dreaming of a baby smiling is considered to be a positive omen.

3. Dream interpretation of a fake smile

A fake smile in a dream means perhaps you are putting on a brave face in order to hide your true feelings from others. Alternatively, the dream may be indicating that you are feeling disingenuous or insincere in your interactions with others.

It is also possible that the dream is revealing deep-seated insecurity or self-doubt. If the fake smile in your dream is accompanied by other negative imagery, such as dark colors or oppressive settings, then it is likely that the dream is pointing to some unresolved issues or negative emotions that you are repressing.

In any case, the dream is likely prompting you to examine your current situation more closely and to explore any areas where you may be putting up a false front. Doing so can help you to identify any areas of your life where you may need to make changes.

4. Dream interpretation of someone else’s face smiling

Someone else’s face smiling in a dream means how you feel about that person in real life. If you generally have positive feelings towards the person, then the dream may simply be a reflection of that.

For example, if the person’s face is unfamiliar to you, it could represent something new or unknown that is coming into your life. This could be something exciting or challenging, depending on the context of the dream.

If the person’s face is somebody you know but doesn’t usually associate with positive feelings, then the dream could be interpreted as a sign that you need to let go of negativity in your life.

5. Seeing your own face in a mirror

Seeing your own face in a mirror in a dream can symbolize a long life. The image of your face in the mirror may represent the best version of yourself, or it may be a warning to change something about your appearance.

This dream could be a sign that you are a narcissist and spend too much time looking at yourself in the mirror! If you see someone else’s face in the mirror, it could mean that you are trying to understand them better. This dream can also be interpreted to suggest that you need to confront some aspect of yourself head-on.

6. Seeing an angry or ugly face

Dreams about seeing an angry or ugly face may be symbolic of repressed anger or self-loathing. They could also suggest that the dreamer is feeling threatened or overwhelmed by some aspect of their life.

The dream may simply reflect the dreamer’s anxiety about an upcoming event or encounter. Whatever the case may be, dreams about angry or ugly faces are worth exploring in order to better understand what they might mean for the individual.

7. Seeing a sad face in a dream

Dreaming of seeing a sad face could represent sadness or grief in the dreamer’s life, or it could be a sign that someone close to the dreamer is experiencing difficult times. The sad face could be a reflection of the dreamer’s own emotions.

If the dreamer is feeling down or struggling with something, it is not uncommon for sad faces to appear in dreams. A sad face in a dream could also be a sign of compassion, as the dreamer may be feeling empathy for someone else’s situation.

8. Seeing a faceless person in a dream

This dream might represent repressed anger or rage, particularly if the faceless person is aggressive or violent. Alternatively, it might represent feelings of insecurity or self-doubt. The faceless person might also be a projection of the dreamer’s own unidentified emotions or desires.

In some cases, the faceless person may simply be a representation of an unknown quantity or someone who is not yet known to the dreamer. And it could also be that the dreamer is feeling disconnected from their own emotions or from others.

9. Dream interpretation of a pale face

A pale face might symbolize ill health or death. It could represent feelings of sadness or loneliness. It could also be interpreted as a warning sign, telling the dreamer to be careful in some aspects of their life.

A pale face might also suggest that the dreamer is feeling drained or overwhelmed. If the dreamer is going through a tough time, the pale face might represent their exhaustion.

10. Seeing an unknown face

Seeing an unknown face in a dream can symbolize the need to explore new possibilities or take on a new challenge. The unknown face can also represent repressed anger or frustration.

It may also represent aspects of the self that have not yet been fully realized. Such dreams could also be a sign that the dreamer is feeling lost or disconnected from their sense of self.

11. To dream of a deformed face

The dream of a deformed face symbolizes your fear of being judged. Perhaps you feel like you are constantly being compared to others and falling short. It could represent your fear of being rejected or cast out by those around you.

The dream may also be a manifestation of your own self-doubt and insecurity. And it could be that you are feeling lost in your own life, unsure of who you are or where you belong.

12. Washing face in a dream

Washing the face in a dream represents a need to cleanse oneself of negative energy or negativity in one’s life. It could be a sign that you are ready to put the past behind you and move on with your life.

If the water is dirty or murky, it could indicate that you are currently feeling burdened by some emotional ‘ baggage. On the other hand, if the water is clear and refreshing, it might suggest that you are purifying yourself in preparation for something new and positive coming into your life.

13. Seeing a face bleeding

Seeing a face bleeding in a dream is that it symbolizes potential danger. This could be a warning from your subconscious to watch out for someone or something that seems harmful. It could be a sign that you’re feeling threatened or insecure in some area of your near future.

If the bleeding is excessive or uncontrolled, it might also suggest that you’re feeling overwhelmed or hopeless about a situation.

14. Seeing a leaking face

Seeing a face that is leaking or dripping fluids could represent repressed emotions or feelings that are slowly coming to the surface. It might be a sign that you are struggling to keep up a facade or appearance for others.

The leaking fluid could also represent tears or sadness that you are trying to hold back. Another possible interpretation is that the dream is warning you of some kind of physical illness or injury. In this case, the leaking fluid represents blood or other fluids that may be indicating a problem with your well-being.

15. Seeing your face reflected in the water

Seeing your own face in water can represent feelings of insecurity or self-doubt. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are in danger of drowning in your own emotions.

It could be a warning about someone or something coming into your life that will cause you harm. And such a dream might also be a bad omen of bad things to come.

16. Seeing a very beautiful face

Dream of a very beautiful face can represent our highest ideals, such as love, compassion, and wisdom. Alternatively, it may represent our own inner beauty or the beauty that we see in others.

Seeing a beautiful face in a dream can be a sign that we are making progress on our spiritual journey. It may simply be a reminder to appreciate the beauty around us.

17. Seeing a friendly face

Seeing a friendly face in a dream is a sign that we are feeling safe and loved. This interpretation is supported by research that shows that people who report feeling loved and supported in their waking lives are more likely to have positive dream experiences.

So, if you find yourself seeing a lot of friendly faces in your dreams, it may be a sign that you are well-loved in your waking life.

18. Dream about your colleague’s face

Dreaming about your colleague’s face could be a sign that you are feeling competitive with them or that you are worried about being compared to them. It might also suggest that you have something in common with them that you are not aware of.

If you generally have a good relationship with your colleagues, then this dream may simply be a reflection of that. If you are not particularly close to your colleagues, the dream may be a way for your subconscious to explore the potential for a closer relationship.

11 Fun facts for dreaming about a smiley face

  1. Dreaming of a smiley face could represent your positive outlook in life.
  2. If the smiley face is happy, it might suggest that you are content with your current situation.
  3. If the smiley face is sad, it could indicate that you are feeling down or disappointed about something.
  4. A smiley face with a big mouth might represent your desire to express yourself or speak your mind.
  5. A smiley face with a small mouth might suggest that you are feeling shy or introverted.
  6. Dreaming of a yellow smiley face could symbolize happiness, optimism, and good fortune.
  7. Dreaming of a green smiley face might suggest that you are feeling lucky or fortunate.
  8. Dreaming of a blue smiley face could represent your calm and serene state of mind.
  9. Dreaming of a red smiley face might indicate that you are feeling angry or frustrated about something.
  10. 30% of the time, people dream about faces that they know.
  11. 25% of the time, people dream about faces that they have seen before but don’t know.


Dreaming about smiley faces is usually associated with positive emotions such as happiness, love, and luck. However, it can also represent negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and frustration.

Dreaming of a smiley face is often a reflection of our current state of mind. If we are feeling happy and content in our waking life, we are more likely to see happy smiley faces in our dreams.

Paying attention to the context and surroundings of the dream can give us clues as to what the dream might mean for us.

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