Dream of a Dog Running Away: 11 Signs You Must Really Know

Dream of a Dog Running Away

Dogs are often known and named to be man’s best friend. But what does it mean when this trusted canine buddy runs away in your dream?

For dog owners, this may be a really frustrating dream. After all, nothing hurts seeing your beloved pet run away from you! 

Dreams hide all sorts of meanings. And running away usually signifies something negative. It may be a warning to pay attention to your health, an upcoming change in your life, or some sort of relationship issue.

What does the dream of a dog running away represent?

Dogs in a dream is actually a very common dream. This is because dogs are commonly owned as pets. And these pets often cross over to our dreams to warn or remind us about something.

With their status as trusted pets, dogs in dreams often symbolize loyalty and companionship. Dogs can either be a representation of your persona, or your current relationships.

Dogs running away in your dreams may then mean you are running away from relationships. It can also symbolize that you are doing something that can break apart connections from your closest friends.

However, dogs running away from a dream could usually represent:

  • A fear of abandonment
  • Low self-esteem or self-worth
  • Insecurity in relationships
  • Disrespect for others
  • Avoidance of responsibilities
  • A need for more independence

You will need to dig deeper to find out what these dreams really mean.

What message is your brain trying to send you?

Your subconscious may be reaching out to you when you dream of dogs running away. The several representations this animal has may be signs of your brain trying to send you a message.

Some brain signals that this dream may be sending are:

  • Anxiety
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Loss of awareness
  • Having too much pride

These emotional triggers are manifested through the dog and its act of running. This is why it is really important to spot the clues to correctly interpret these dreams.

11 Most Common Plots to Understand the Dream About a Dog Running Away

Knowing the importance of dogs and the act of running away is the first step in interpreting these dreams. Here are some of the most common dreams that involve a dog running away (and how to interpret and act on them):

#1.Dream about a puppy that runs away

Dogs often represent loyalty, trust, and strength. A puppy would symbolize the potential of all these traits. 

However, a puppy running away would mean that you are doing things that can derail the beginning of something wonderful. Regardless if it’s a relationship or your well-being, your current actions are full of pride.

If you have this dream, consider taking a step back and noticing what you are doing. Your actions may be destroying your relationships. Worse, what you’re doing may damage your physical or mental health.

#2.Dream about a white puppy that runs and gets lost

A white puppy specifically symbolizes a close friend. White would stand for purity and innocence. The puppy would be the wonderful and loyal connection you have with that friend.

A white puppy that runs away and then eventually gets lost may be an omen. This can mean you and your friend don’t see eye to eye with each other. It can also mean you have a disagreement that cannot be repaired.

If you have this dream, then it may mean you and your friend will soon part ways. Consider talking to him or her to find out if there’s anything that needs to be fixed.

#3.Dream about your pet dog running away from you

This may be a frightening dream for some. Pet owners who have a tight connection with their dogs would never want to see their best buddies run away.

This kind of dream may be ominous, though. A close pet running away may signify that it will soon die.

If you have this dream, consider spending more time with your dog. The dog’s death may be unavoidable. But spending its last moments as happily as possible may help both you and your dog.

#4.Dream about a strange dog running away

Dreaming of a dog you’ve never seen before may be connected to your health. Dogs in general are known for their strength and power.

With these dogs running away, it can be a sign that you may soon experience several health disorders. And these disorders are both for physical and mental health.

Go for a complete medical check-up when you have this dream. This is a good sign to both prevent and prepare for any health disorders that may happen to you soon.

#5.Dream about a dog that is hard to control running from you

Dogs are also known for their discipline. A dog that can’t be controlled means it has a bad master.

An undisciplined dog that runs away from you may mean you are having trouble leading. This kind of dream connects with managers or leaders. 

Try to think of your leadership style when you have this dream. Chances are, you are not getting the respect you deserve because you’re not treating your colleagues properly.

#6.Dream about an aggressive dog running away

Dogs can also be dangerous creatures. An aggressive or rabid dog can mean wild dominance.

A rabid dog that runs away from you may mean you are the submissive one in a relationship. And this submissive nature of yours will result in the loss of the relationship.

Try to win back control by confronting others. There are times you need to speak up and this dream may be telling you to do just that.

#7.Dream about a dog that runs away and attacks another dog

Dogs are also known to be competitive and territorial. These animals are loyal and are known to fight others to protect their loved ones.

A dog running away from you to fight another may mean competition and jealousy. You losing control of yourself or your colleagues may end up hurting others as well.

This dream means you need to think over your current actions. You might be hurting other people because of jealousy. You are losing control and opportunities because you are jealous of others.

#8.Dream about a dog that runs away and attacks a child

The dog in this dream represents your anger. The child means innocence and vulnerability.

This dream means you have to deal with your insecurities. When you give in to your anger you end up more vulnerable. 

Seek mentors or counselors if you have this dream. You need guidance to lead you back toward a brighter future.

#9.Dream about a running dog that bites your right leg

You need to be careful with the people that you deal with when you have this dream. Your right leg means the first movement towards a great future.

However, a dog that both runs away and bites your right leg means someone in your circle will betray you. The false loyalty this person has may eventually ruin you as well.

Consider this as a warning when you have this dream. Carefully identify your friends and work colleagues.

#10.Dream about an injured dog running away

Dogs, even when in pain, stand true and tall with their masters. Injured dogs symbolize empathy, especially when you and your closest friends are in a painful situation.

However, this empathy can be both bad for you and your friends. Without proper guidance, you might end up losing your connections because you take too much pain.

Consider meditation when you have this dream. You need to clear your head to take on and face those painful moments.

#11.Dream about a dog that runs away and ends up getting run over by a car

Dogs are known for their carefree nature. Without a strong leash, these pets may end up in accidents.

A dog hit by a car may mean a shift in either work or personal life direction. It can also symbolize that the big change may result in a rift with your close friends.

Try to find out if something big will happen in the future. Chances are, a big decision needs to be made soon when you have this dream.

Why do you dream of a dog running away?

Generally, this dream is a representation of your current state of mind. You seek to escape from your current situation when you have this kind of dream.

It can also mean that who you are now will soon change your relationships. A dog running away can also mean you are having trouble leading in work or in a relationship.

Your mood analysis of such a dream

Your emotions play a big part in these kinds of dreams. A good way to analyze your moods is by identifying the clues.

An aggressive dog running away can mean you are submissive and frustrated. You have no control over your relationships or your physical and mental wellbeing.

A calm dog running away may mean you need to be more assertive in how you present yourself. Being too passive may mean that you aren’t getting the respect that you deserve.

Is a dream of a dog running away a bad sign?

Yes, but these dreams are also good warnings to help you transform negative outcomes. Dog dreams are generally good dreams given the animal’s positive traits. The running away part twists the message into something bad.

These dreams will help you identify what you need to change in your waking life. Make sure to seek out the signs to properly know what adjustments you need to make.

Things you don’t know when you dream of a dog running away

There are more subliminal clues to seek out in these dreams. These clues can be found in the signs mentioned above.

Dogs are territorial. And with them running away may mean you are currently dealing with emotional or relationship boundary issues.

Given dogs’ energetic nature, these dreams may also mean you are working yourself too hard. You deserve a break from your personal and work responsibilities.

Final thoughts

To dream of a dog running away from you is a bad sign. But unlike bad omens, this is a dream that can also help you prepare and change your daily life for the best.

Make sure to seek out the signs in these dreams. Doing so will give you enough time and energy to adjust emotions and actions in your daily life. Best of all, the right interpretation can possibly turn these bad dreams into good ones.

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