Dream of An Octopus: 26 Meaning You Need to Know


Dream of An Octopus

Octopus seen in dreams represents fear and disgusting thoughts. The dreams also depict the desire or the need to escape another addiction. It represents primitive sexuality, and you have a feeling of envy and possessivity toward a partner.

According to an ancient dream-like tradition, waking up in the morning to an Octopus can signal family issues. In dreams, an octopus hugging your partner or your child could indicate you’re possessive of people close to you.

What does the true meaning for dream about an octopus?

In dreams, the octopus suggests the dreamer’s creative side, as it is a sea creature of great intelligence and dexterity. The octopus might also represent something slippery or difficult to pin down.

And dream of an octopus could also represent:

  • Fear
  • Disgusting thoughts
  • The need to escape an addiction
  • Primitive sexuality
  • Envy and possessivity toward a partner

An octopus in a dream could also be a representation of the subconscious mind, as it is often associated with the mystical and unexplored depths of the ocean.

In many cultures, the octopus is also seen as a symbol of transformation, due to its ability to change its shape and color. As such, dreaming of an octopus could indicate that the dreamer is going through a period of major change in their waking life.

What does dreaming of the octopus usually symbolize?

Generally speaking, octopuses often symbolize change, mystery, and hidden depths. An octopus might represent something unfamiliar or difficult to understand.

But on the other hand, dreaming of the octopus could also symbolize:

  • The creative side
  • The subconscious mind
  • A period of major change
  • Mystery
  • The ability to change shape or form
  • Dexterity

An octopus might represent your hidden depths – aspects of yourself that you keep hidden from others. Octopuses can also symbolize adaptability and resourcefulness, as they can survive in a wide range of environments.

As you can see, the octopus is a very versatile creature that can represent a lot of different things in a dream. If you have seen an octopus in your dreams, take some time to think about what

What does dreaming about an octopus mean spiritually?

Generally speaking, octopuses are associated with intelligence, adaptability, and mystery. Therefore, dreaming about an octopus could symbolize that you feel overwhelmed or out of your depth in some area of your waking life.

And the spiritually meaning of the octopus in a dream is always associated with:

  • Addiction
  • Sexuality
  • Transformation
  • Change
  • Mystery
  • Adaptability

It could also be a sign that you need to be more flexible and open-minded in your thinking. It could also suggest that there is something hidden or undisclosed in your life that needs to be brought into the light.

The percentage of each emotion in an octopus dream

  • Fear: 30%
  • Disgust: 20%
  • Primitive sexuality: 12%
  • Envy and possessivity toward a partner: 11%
  • Feel overwhelmed or out of depth: 01%
  • Something hidden or undisclosed: 01%
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness: 01%

The 26 most common Octopus dream and their meanings

Dream about an octopus has many meanings depending on what specific your dream is, below are some most common octopus dram and their meanings

1. Dream interpretation of saving an Octopus

If you want to help someone who can save an octopus, it symbolizes your reputation for kindness and loyalty. You can make people feel comfortable in themselves. The dreams are positive;

The dream to save an octopus is likewise indicating a desire to protect a person. Nevertheless, it may be possible for people who are struggling with the problems of waking life to find solutions to those problems before it takes over their lives.

Octopuses were traditionally considered intelligent in some cultures and are sometimes thought to represent wisdom.

2. Dream interpretation of a dead Octopus

Dreams about dead octopuses are often associated in many different ways. Some people view dreams as omens about bad luck or sickness. Other people believe dreams will influence their pasts or their feelings about someone they love.

A dead octopus in a dream signifies your life is affected by death, fear of death, or grief. The octopus represents a relationship that has not been healthy, which could be reflective of what you’ve experienced during a wake-up.

3. Dream about killing an Octopus

If you dream of killing the octopus, you’ll want something from you. This might be relationship and work. You may need to make an important change in your life but don’t know why. You may feel trapped, or you’ll just never be free from something.

You’ll never know how you can move on, but you’ll have to change things. These dreams are helping to give you the motivation to make your dreams come true. You can start taking action now to change the way the world lives. If we kill an octopus might represent that you may face a manipulative and jealous partner.

4. Dream About Octopus Eating a Fish

It is commonly considered an animal capable of changing its appearance to adapt to an unfamiliar situation. They change color on their bodies as they grow their bodies into various forms. Seeing an octopus eating fish is also the best sign of adapting and changing, based on how you survive and thrive.

Alternatively, this could mean you have a situation that you have changed and you must make the change quickly before it’s too late. Octopus represents your ability to adapt. You’re an adopted individual who has versatility.

5. Dream about cooking Octopus

Dreaming about cooking octopuses means you are afraid that another person would keep you from what is important. They may be friends and family members who try to help you, but their assistance can damage their ability.

It also explains your experiences that have been overwhelming. The octopus can be indicative of an incredibly painful or difficult circumstance. Cooking octopus with dreams represents you trying to reduce the influence of these situations. You might face a difficult task and try to solve it quickly.

6. Dream of Octopus In Water

The water represents our emotions as well as our subconscious state. Octopuses themselves are very fascinating animals. The color change is necessary to hide from the predator and to search for food.

In general, dreaming of an octopus is an important positive aspect of your life. If you saw an octopus in the water, you could feel more confident because of your uniqueness and talent. You’re going to attract a lot of people.

7. Dream of a giant octopus

A giant octopus in a dream indicates that someone is a person that has many personalities. There is the possibility of several different jobs at once. Dreams tell us you live depressed and have high responsibilities.

The giant octopus in the dream also mentions the need to highlight your personality which has many contradictions. You possess extraordinary abilities and are capable of dealing with obstacles. Although many people have difficulty understanding you, these traits make you unique.

8. Dream About Baby Octopus

If you see baby octopuses in the dream, you are in conflict. Your mind is divided and you want to understand what causes your issues. Your subconscious mind helps you understand real-life happenings.

Dreams about octopus babies may be misleading. Often dreams represent you wanting something hidden or needing to hide it. The octopus attacks your dreams and it indicates that somebody is taking advantage of your good nature. Those men have been lying to you long enough that the truth is finally coming out.

9. Dreams About Octopus Chasing Me

In dreams, an octopus chases you and could represent your perceptions of the situation in your life. It is possible to be overwhelmed with a multitude of responsibilities. You might think you cannot escape a situation.

Dreaming about octopuses chasing you sometimes reflects the feeling of urgency or pressure in situations. The fears that we might have about someone unable to take the right action quickly may reflect this. Dreams of the octopus chasing you are often an attempt to escape.

10. Eating an octopus in a dream

Eating octopus in a dream suggests that we have an eye for the behavior of others around us. The Octopus represents a person’s vulnerability to our existence. We can keep them quiet though, but dreams show how much we can care less when it comes to those around us, including those with our weaknesses.

It is very common for a dreamer to eat an octopus in a dream. It is sometimes a positive thing but usually, it’s bad. The way the dream evolves will determine the correct interpretation.

11. Dream about Octopus Pregnancy

Dreams of a pregnant octopus may cause confusion or anxiety. These dreams can seem extremely realistic if you ask yourself a certain thing about them. If you dreamed that the octopus would become pregnant, it’s usually a positive sign.

Dreams about an octopus pregnancy mean that there are possibilities for the future. Something good happens to the world and brings you great pleasure. It is possible to fulfill your dream and be prepared to take on the success you will be facing.

12. Dream of a little octopus

The dream meaning is how subconsciously your mind will know you are in trouble at an uncomfortable moment. You also develop into a ruthless person.

On the flip side, dreams often indicate you’d like to avoid a certain situation. When you’re eating octopuses, you may feel that your self-esteem has decreased. We’re going to have the chance to reverse that.

13. Octopus attack dreaming meaning

When you see an octopus attack you in the dream, you have a hard problem to solve. You’ve always felt like everything didn’t go well. Octus’s attacks in a dream also represent someone manipulative and clingy that will not give you up or give you freedom.

Octopuses act like a human and attack shows how bad they may be. This could also be a sign that someone is suffocated by another or by an incident causing them to feel suffocated.

14. Dreaming of Octopus On Land

If you dreamed of an octopus crawling onto the earth it would mean you had many responsibilities in reality and that you felt constant pressure.

You feel you are being attacked from any angle and you aren’t protected. It represents your life and how it threatens you. If you dreamed of an octopus attacking someone, this dream represents something like a menace in your personal life.

15. Dream of Octopus In Aquarium

Dreams about octopuses in an aquarium mean you need to solve a fight between friends. It may arise from misunderstandings about something or from someone you know.

Or it may come from someone who has done something that upsets another person. If we have to face a difficult time, we have to let ourselves go. Consider contacting each instead of chatting at the same time to avoid creating more confusion.

16. Octopus Colors Dream Meaning

It’s been suggested that the octopus in the dream symbolizes the unrecognized parts of the human body. This often indicates the presence of danger in our lives. The colors of Octopuses appearing in the dreams have a major impact on interpretation.

Octopus represents the diversity of the natural environment in its many varieties of shapes, sizes,, and colors. In history, the city remained an eerie symbol of mystery.

17. Dream of octopus on your body

The dreams and meanings of octopus attached to our bodies indicate that we have entered an extremely complex situation.

Those dreams have direct connections with your too many relationships. You are an extremely possessive individual who loves controlling his or her partner.

The dream of an octopus on your body could also indicate the complicated situation you are facing in waking life.

18. Dream of octopus releasing ink

The dreams in which octopuses release their inks generally have a negative meaning. It indicates that you are going through a challenging period.

You feel helpless and alone. The dream may also be a warning sign that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Be very careful with the people you trust.

19. Dream of an octopus eating itself

The dreams in which we see an octopus eating itself have a very positive meaning. They indicate that we are going through a period of great personal growth.

We are getting rid of all the negative things that were weighing us down. This dream is a sign that we are finally moving in the right direction.

20. Dream about an octopus strangling you

The dreams in which an octopus is strangling us usually have a negative meaning. They indicate that we are feeling suffocated by someone or something in our lives.

We may feel like we are being held back or that we are not able to achieve our full potential. This dream is a warning sign that we need to make some changes in our lives.

21. Dream meaning of pink octopus

The color pink in a dream usually symbolizes happiness, love, and femininity. So, if you dreamed of a pink octopus, it means that you are surrounded by people who love and care for you.

You are also in a very good place emotionally. This dream is a sign that you are happy and content with your daily life.

22. Dream meaning of blue octopus

The color blue in a dream usually symbolizes peace, calm, and serenity. So, if you dreamed of a blue octopus, it means that you are feeling very peaceful and content in your life.

This dream is a sign that you are happy with the way things are going. You may also be feeling very connected to your spiritual side.

23. Dream meaning of a black octopus

The color black in a dream usually symbolizes darkness, mystery, and negativity. So, if you dreamed of a black octopus, it means that you are feeling very negative about something in your life.

This dream is a warning sign that you need to make some changes. You may also be feeling very alone and helpless. Be careful of the people you trust.

24. Dream meaning of a red octopus

The color red in a dream usually symbolizes passion, energy, and danger. So, if you dreamed of a red octopus, it means that you are feeling very passionate about something in your life.

You may also be feeling a lot of energy and excitement. This dream is a warning sign that you need to be careful of the choices you make. You may also be in danger. Be very careful.

25. Buying an octopus in a dream

If you dream of buying an octopus, it means that you are feeling very positive about something in your life.

You are confident and optimistic about the future. This dream is a sign that you are on the right track and that good things are coming your way.

26. Catching an octopus in a dream

If you dream of catching an octopus, it means that you are feeling very confident about your abilities.

You feel like you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This dream is a sign that you are about to make some major accomplishments in your life.

Fun facts for octopus in your dream

  • 30% of the octopus’s nervous system is in its eight arms
  • Octopuses can taste with their skin
  • An octopus has three hearts
  • Octopuses are color-blind


Dreams about octopuses are not very common. But if you do dream of an octopus, it can be a very interesting and insightful experience. There are many different interpretations of dreaming of an octopus.

Some say that it represents your creative side, while others believe that it is a warning sign. No matter what your dream means, it is always important to pay attention to the details and symbols in your dream.

If you dreamed of an octopus, take some time to think about what the dream may mean for you. Consider the different interpretations and try to find the one that makes the most sense to you.

8 thoughts on “Dream of An Octopus: 26 Meaning You Need to Know”

  1. I dreamt I was dancing with an octopus. It was outside of the water but able survive. Someone yelled it was poisonous and to be careful. I was able to get its attn, it trusted me for some reason and it followed me while I went to the ocean. How it moves in water playfully is how it was with me as I moved it to safety. Any ideas?

    • Dancing with an octopus is a metaphor for trying to do something that is difficult and complex. It is often used to describe a situation where there are many different elements that need to be managed and coordinated in order to achieve a successful outcome.

  2. I dreamt I caught an octopus to put it in an aquarium but then I decided right away to release it to let it be free. Anyone know what that means?

    • Perhaps you’ve been feeling trapped or restricted in some aspect of your life, struggling to break free and explore new possibilities. The octopus in your dream may represent this part of yourself, and releasing it could be a sign that it’s time to let go and embrace the freedom to pursue your passions.

      Or maybe you’ve been feeling a sense of empathy and compassion towards others, and the act of releasing the octopus in your dream reflects this kind and nurturing nature. It’s possible that your dream is urging you to continue to cultivate these qualities and use them to make a positive impact in the world.

      And what about your ability to adapt and thrive in challenging situations? The octopus is known for its adaptability, and your dream could be a sign that you possess similar qualities. You are capable of navigating through difficult circumstances with ease and coming out stronger on the other side.

      Finally, catching and releasing the octopus could represent a desire to let go of something that no longer serves you. Whether it’s a toxic relationship, a dead-end job, or a limiting belief system, your dream may be urging you to release it and move on to something better.

      In short, your dream of catching and releasing an octopus is a powerful reminder to trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice when it comes to making decisions that impact your life. By exploring its deeper meanings, you can gain valuable insights into yourself and your path forward.

  3. The octopus in my dream was in a box. I wasn’t the one who put it there. It had already been put in the box and it was sitting on a shelf. There was a little sign/note on the box that said: Octopus in box. I was in a kitchen (I think it was supposed to be a restaurant kitchen). I remember in part of the dream before that, a man had put his hand in the box and taken some of the ‘meat’ from the octo and ate it.
    But I saw the sign on the box as a warning of sorts, so that you didn’t get bitten or suffer some other attack by putting your hand in there.

    • Dreams can be symbolic and open to interpretation. Your dream of an octopus in a box in a restaurant kitchen with a warning sign can have various meanings. Here are some possible interpretations:

      Control and Restraint: The octopus being in a box might symbolize a situation or aspect of your life that feels confined or controlled. It could represent a desire for more freedom or a need to break free from restrictions.

      Communication: Octopuses are known for their intelligence and adaptability. The presence of the octopus in a box could signify a need for effective communication or problem-solving, as if the octopus represents a complex issue that needs to be addressed.

      Warning: The warning sign on the box suggests a cautious approach to a particular situation. It might be advising you to be careful when dealing with something or someone in your life. It’s a reminder to avoid getting entangled in a potentially problematic situation.

      Observation: You didn’t put the octopus in the box, which may indicate that you’re an observer in a situation rather than a direct participant. You’re taking a step back and assessing things before getting involved.

      Influence: The man eating the octopus meat could symbolize someone who has already engaged with the issue, perhaps without considering the potential consequences. This may be a reminder to think before taking actions or making decisions.

      To gain a more accurate understanding of this dream, reflect on your current life circumstances and emotions. Dreams often reflect our subconscious thoughts and concerns. If the dream continues to intrigue or bother you, discussing it with a dream analyst or therapist may provide deeper insights.

  4. I dreamt of a pink octopus peeking from a hole in the middle of the street . He kept hiding and peeking at me , finally he came out and followed me . I was then in a house with it and it turned into a man, however it’s still had the pink skin and octopus look. He was alien like but friendly .

    • Your dream of a pink octopus suggests hidden or unexpected aspects in your life. The octopus peeking and following you may indicate persistent, unacknowledged feelings or situations. The transformation into a friendly, alien-like man with pink skin could symbolize the need to embrace unique or unfamiliar aspects of yourself or others. It may signify positive transformations and the importance of accepting diversity and individuality in your life.


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