Dream of Old Boss Talking to You: Do You Need To Change Yourself?

Dream of Old Boss Talking to You

Have you ever dreamt of a former boss? Depending on how you see that person, that dream can be frightening or enlightening.

In fact, such a dream symbolizes some of your unresolved issues with that person, as well as your current situation at work.

If he or she was a role model, you may be missing your old boss badly. On the other hand, you may be dealing with anxiety if your former boss was scary.

Regardless of how your boss was, dreaming of that person may reveal lots of meanings. Read on below to find out how to clearly interpret the dream of an old boss talking to you.

What does it mean to dream of your ex-boss talking to you?

According to a dream expert, such a dream usually represents the qualities that your former boss embodies. It also signifies the positive or negative impact that person had on you.

When you dream of your ex-boss talking to you, it might be a sign that you are missing that person. Perhaps, you are feeling lost and confused at your current job.

It is also possible that you are longing for the guidance of a more experienced individual.

On the other hand, this dream might also reveal your fear and anxiety toward your current boss. If you had a bad relationship with your ex-boss, then the dream may be a warning for you to stay alert at work.

You might be experiencing some conflict with your current boss. Thus, it is important to be careful with what you say or do at work.

Why do you dream of your ex-boss talking to you?

Here are 7 reasons why you might dream of your old boss talking to you:

  • You didn’t have a good relationship with your former boss
  • You might have unresolved issues with your former boss
  • You might be worried about an upcoming performance review
  • You might be anxious about a work project
  • You might feel guilty about something you did at work
  • You might be anxious about a work project
  • You might change of opinion about something your boss said to you.

No matter how you felt about your old boss, it’s important to try to interpret the dream symbolically.

Dream of Old Boss Talking to You

The 7 most common interpretations of such a dream

#1. Dream about an ex-boss talking and praising you

An old boss praising you for your work is a happy moment. This feeling is even better if your former boss isn’t easy to please.

Using the dream image of an old boss is a powerful sign to help you remember the feeling of being praised. 

Such a dream might be reminding you that you need to give yourself some credit. Stay optimistic if you have this dream. You deserve some happiness in your waking life.

#2. Dream about a former boss giving you work advice

Advice from your ex-boss, a person that you truly admire, is a reminder to stay focused. You would usually have these dreams when you are dealing with lots of responsibilities and stress in your current workplace.

Meditate when you have this type of dream. And if you can, remember the advice your old boss told you in your dream. Clearing your head and following the work advice will help you organize and accomplish your tasks.

# 3.Dream about a former boss scolding you

Some hidden trauma may be the reason you have this dream. Your psyche may be reminding you of a past embarrassing moment through this dream.

Consider moving on from your previous job’s anxiety. This dream shows you need to let go of your past. By doing that, you are opening up more opportunities to grow and develop in your current workplace. 

#4.Dream about an old boss inviting you back to your previous workplace.

This dream brings in the feeling of nostalgia. You might be reminded of how fun your former boss was in your previous work. Or it can even be a reminder of how efficient your processes or systems were in your old workplace.

You may be having this dream because you feel anxious about your current work. Consider getting the best practices from your previous work.

Implementing those practices with your current employer might help lighten the mood in your current job.

#5.Dream about an ex-boss negotiating tasks with you

This dream is a reminder of how great your work relationship was with your former boss. To have a person of authority negotiate how you should work on tasks shows your competency and expertise in your job.

If you have this dream, check on your current tasks and responsibilities. Find out if anything needs to be improved. Next, find a way to discuss improvements on your tasks with your current boss.

#6.Dream of an old boss ordering you around.

Similar to the scolding dream, this type of dream is also connected to a past incident you had in your previous work. However, the way you were assigned tasks in your dream can be a good way to prepare for your current work.

Give yourself time to relax when you have this dream. Letting go of the bad incidents that you experienced in your past job will help let go of trauma. Also, try getting a medical checkup if you have this dream.

#7. Dream of a former boss firing you.

Regardless if you were fired from your old work or not, this dream is a reminder to be careful. No one wants to be fired from their work. Aside from losing revenue, the stress from this is heavy on both mental and physical health.

Be extra focused when you have this dream. Think twice before making very important decisions in your current tasks or projects. 

Is the dream of your ex-boss talking to you a good or bad sign?

These dreams are good because they deal with transformation. Remembering the happy moments you experienced with your old boss should motivate you to do great in your current job.

If applicable, use what you learned in your previous work to excel where you are now.

More importantly, these dreams are reminders that you need to let go of your past. The only way to improve in life is to keep on going and focusing on the present.

Thinking too much of bad experiences can be dangerous for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Your mood analysis of such a dream

However, dreaming of an old boss may be interpreted in several ways. These dreams are deeply connected with your emotions and mental well-being.

Considering that the dream is about a leader from your past work, you may be dealing with these emotions:

  • Anxiety
  • Nostalgia (of missing your former workplace)
  • Fear
  • Respect
  • Confidence

Analyzing the moods found in these dreams will help in properly interpreting them. The moods all revolve around the type of old boss found in the dreams.

Good Boss

The guidance and wisdom that you gained from this mentor continue in your dreams. Savor the happy and confidence-building moods you’ll experience from a good boss dream.

Bad Boss

Fear, rejection, and anxiety are the common moods experienced by this type of boss. These dreams serve as reminders that you need to let go of the trauma you experienced in your previous jobs. Doing so will be really beneficial for you, mentally and physically!

Things you don’t know when you dream of your ex-boss talking to you

There are other subliminal signs found in these this type of dream. Read between the lines and carefully spot these:

  • Repeated dreams of an old boss praising you may mean something positive will happen to you soon. This can be having more money-earning opportunities. This can also mean that you will be promoted soon.
  • Constantly dreaming of an old boss may also be a good indicator of you being a leader. This may be With the proper mentorship and guidance you learned from your previous employer. Try asserting these learnings to take the lead when brainstorming or planning projects.

Final thoughts

To dream of a former boss talking to you focuses on the working relationship that you had with that person.

A good relationship may mean that these dreams are offering you signs to excel and be productive in your current job.

A bad relationship may mean that it is high time to bury regrets felt when working in your previous work. You need to let go of these regrets and painful incidents. These instances are what hold you back from excelling in your current job.

Focus on your work relationship and dig deep into looking for the signs. This is what you need to do to correctly interpret these dreams.  

4 thoughts on “Dream of Old Boss Talking to You: Do You Need To Change Yourself?”

  1. I dream about my very first boss 1989 he was on our home bed he was asking something to my father who is odi passed away . I was looking. I had no problems with this Boss . Very helpful man . Even called me to work back when i left at my Apartment.
    He was one boss everyone would like.

    • If you dream about a former boss, especially a helpful and liked one, the dream could mean a few different things. One possible meaning for your dream is that it shows how you felt or what you remember about working with your former boss. The fact that he was on your home bed and talking to your dead father could also mean that your subconscious mind is trying to make connections between different parts of your life or solve problems you haven’t dealt with yet.

      Another possibility is that your dream has something to do with your current job. Seeing your old boss may remind you of things you liked or appreciated about him that you might want to bring into your own work life. Also, the fact that he called you back to work after you left your apartment could mean that you’re thinking about making changes at your current job or looking for new ones.

  2. I dreamt of my boss being inside my current business, but my business was changed, the windows where changed and the bar area was missing. We talked with my boss, about everyday things and caught up with each other. This boss was the only boss I had and not a good boss in real life. Felt like I was in his area of business while the building is the one I’m currently in with mine. So odd this dream… also, when arriving in my place of work apart from the fact this was not my business anymore I got greeted by someone who had gone inside without my permission and changed my store.

    • Dreams frequently contain symbolic representations of our experiences from the waking world and might be a reflection of our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Here are some interpretations of your dream based on its specifics:

      1. Your boss and the new industry: Your dream can be a reflection of your current job or business-related sentiments of insecurity or uncertainty. Having your boss at your office may represent sentiments of being seen or assessed by a higher authority. Changes or transitions occurring in your waking life may be represented by the changes in the windows and bar area.

      2. Conversation with your boss: Despite your bad experiences with him in real life, the fact that you caught up with him and discussed common topics implies that you might be looking for his approval or validation.

      3. Feeling like you’re in your boss’s sphere of influence: This could indicate that you feel awkward or out of place in your current job. It might also represent sentiments of trespassing on another person’s land or of being judged by others.

      4. Arriving at work and then switching to the store could indicate feelings of loss or lack of control during the day. The fact that someone altered your business without your consent may imply that you feel vulnerable or helpless.

      Overall, your dream may be a representation of how you are feeling mentally and emotionally right now, including any worries or insecurities you may be experiencing at work. It’s important to pay attention to these feelings and make an effort to deal with any underlying problems that might be the source of them.


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