Dreams about Painting Walls: A time for Big Changes?

Dreams about Painting Walls

Have you ever dreamt of facing a wall and eventually painting it? Or walking inside a house with many rooms with each room characterized by specific color?

Dreaming about painting a wall is usually related to wanting changes in one’s life. It could possibly mean changing your behavior or the way you deal with your environment.

Painting a wall as a theme in your dreams may present positive meanings as well as negative ones. How you take the wisdom from either meaning is all up to you.

Dreams are often times confusing, but there are ways to understand them. Your unconscious mind may be using dreams to convey a message about the stresses you are experiencing relating to the changes that you want to do in your life.

What does it really mean when you dream about painting walls? 

An empty wall is an inviting wall. Either you can put on picture frames on it or accent it with furniture or place strategic lighting or you can simply paint it new.

There are different interpretations when one dreams about painting walls.

One of these interpretations is the person seems to want to have changes in his/her environment.


Another interpretation is the need to hide something or to cover up something. Others also view it as a symbol of growth, healing, purity, and truth. It also represents a person’s boundaries.

So, what does it really mean if you dream about painting walls?

If one dreams of painting walls, there is a possibility that the dreamer has been near or working with walls during the wake hours. The person may have been actually painting walls or have seen someone doing so.

 It could also mean, in the most basic explanation, having the need to renovate an existing wall or just wanting to put on a new layer of paint. These are the conscious reasons why the idea of painting a wall appears in one’s dream.

Sigmund Freud once remarked that “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious”. 

Walls may mean something to a person. In psychology, a wall represents a persona or the psychological makeup of a person.

It could also represent a boundary or a means to separate entities or delineate an environment. 

The positives side of dreaming about painting walls:

One is that there is an expressed need, want, or desire for change. As mentioned earlier, we use paint to make the canvas or in this case, a wall changes its appearance.

The wall may be old and a new paint coat could make it look newer. Change is always good as one tends to veer away from being stagnant.

 If you find yourself stuck for quite some time, say your career or in a relationship, or your physical appearance and you want any of the aforementioned to change, it could manifest possibly in you painting a wall.

Dreaming of painting a wall could also mean wanting to be more definite in terms of boundaries if the dreamer looks at a wall as a representation of a boundary. 

In a realistic sense, if one paints something, like the road or a wall, it gives either the road or wall more definition.

Like a road painted with lines, motorists are more aware of the boundaries of the road. A painted wall gives the viewer a clearer sense of how wide or how high the wall is.

Just like in a dream when one paints a wall, the dreamer may have unconscious desires to have more definite boundaries in life or the person may want to have his/her environment properly set and have no overlapping issues.

The negative side of dreams about painting walls:

On the contrary, dreaming of painting walls may connote negative meaning if the paint used is dark like for example painting a formerly white wall with black paint.

Dark colors always represent gloomy and sad meanings.

There may also be negative meanings if the dream is described as having multiple layers of paint on a single wall.

It could mean that the person cannot make up one’s mind and has to decide every now and then as represented by multiple color paints. 

Your emotional analysis of such a dream:

You may feel that life is routine, stagnant, or even old.

The feeling of being stuck in something and the dream of painting a wall is your way of acting on it or simply moving, growing, or having the courage to take the next step.

The central emotion when one dreams of painting is the desire for change and wanting to reorganize your environment.

What is your subconscious mind trying to tell you?

Dreaming of painting a wall may be the way your subconscious is telling you of your need for freedom, courage, growth, and change. 


It may also be the subconscious trying to vent out the anxiety in dealing with others or the stress of wanting to get out of an environmental constraint.

The most common dreams about a house with many rooms

Others may dream of entering a house with many rooms. A house represents your life and the rooms may represent certain experiences, a pent-up emotion, or a desire toward a certain goal. 

1. Dream of a house painting a white wall

Painting a wall white symbolizes new beginnings. It could also mean wanting to have second chances or even forgiveness. White symbolizes purity, so it could mean that you want to have everything in your life done right.

2. Dream of painting walls red

Red symbolizes anger or conflict. If the dreamer is painting the wall red, the person may be experiencing conflict with someone or wanting to direct anger toward others.

3. Dream about painting walls yellow

Yellow represents life. If the dreamer is painting yellow over a wall, there may be a desire of wanting to be healthier. The dreamer or someone close may be sick and the dreamer desires for that person to be well.

4. Dream of painting walls purple

Purple means royalty. The dreamer may be experiencing a bout of insecurity or may have the desire to hold a position that commands attention like a king.

5. Dream of painting walls blue

Blue represents calmness and peace of mind. The dreamer may be experiencing worries and may be having a troubled mind.

6. Dream of painting walls green

Green represents growth. If a dreamer is painting a room green, there may be a hidden desire for improvement in one’s self, body, or even the environment.

7. Dream of painting walls pink

Pink represents femininity. If a dreamer dreams of painting a wall pink, there may be a desire to express the feminine side even more.

What to do if you dream of painting walls?

If you dream of painting walls, try to assess if there is a current need to change one’s behavior or environment.

Try to also ponder if you find yourself being stagnant in an aspect of your life that you may want to move on from.

Try to also assess your relationships if any of them are causing you stress or worries. Are there behaviors of others towards you that you wish would change or do you wish you have more control over them?

Final thoughts

Dreams are the brain’s way of telling a story of what happened during your wake hours, what are your fantasies, your wants, your needs, and other thoughts stuck within the mind.

When you dream of painting a wall, remember to check your current situation and ask yourself what could be causing such a vivid dream. Evaluate the emotions and feelings you feel while dreaming, as this could be a sign from your subconscious.

Finally, take the time to really make any changes that are necessary for you to progress and improve. This could be a sign that you need to take action, learn something new, or even try something different to bring forth the changes you desire in your life.


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